Indeed playable ads are the future of the advertising industry. It is so because of its features. Playable ads are hybrid of photos, video, and slide show ads. It contains videos with interactive animations and editing. Photos with great designs and templates. It has the feature via which you can put the link on photos. This link can transfer you to the respective websites of products. It makes it easy for consumers to check the website. That’s why it increases traffic to the website.

It is a simple fact that to sell a product; its advertising is highly essential. It is crucial to portray a positive image of the product so that it can create an impression. Only making advertisements is not sufficient. The ads you make must be influential and are displayed on the right platforms. There are plenty of social media platforms available nowadays to make your playable ads a money-spinner. It can be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Essential elements of a playable ad

  • The Way It Looks

It is imperative to make your ad look attractive. It can be done by using the right colours, design templates. Make sure to use graphic designing software’s appropriately to create a beautiful background. By keeping these things in mind, you can create a beautiful interface.  It is also important to ensure make proper use of playable ad units.

  • It Must Have A Useful Dynamics Feature.

It is another essential aspect to make your playable ad a success. Try to use good animation and motion effects. It can help you to make your ad to be more engaging. Consider this tip try to add an animation of texts whenever it appears on the screen. Some direct animation effects which you can add is fly. In this effect, the text will appear out of nowhere on the screen.

  • Playability Must Be Good.

Make sure the ad has smooth functioning. It does not lag anywhere. The links it contains must not have any dead links. Such things are significant mood spoilers for any viewer. Whenever one slide transits to another side, make sure an animation effect accompanies it. Try to maintain a decent speed of slides. The speed with too much FPS speed is hard to understand. Speed too slow is also not a good option.

  • Compatibility With The Platform

Technically speaking, your ad must have good compatibility with the platform you are putting it on. It happens quite often that playables work well on some platforms, and some do not. It makes it necessary to make it in software compatible with platforms.

  • Features You Must Add.

There are certain features that you must add in playable ads. Firstly, it must have a link to the products’ website so that it can help you increase traffic on your website. An increase in traffic can help you to increase the sale of the product.

Why Are Playable Ads Witnessing A Significant Rise?

Playable ads work so efficiently because it can make you visualize the product before buying it. You can understand what the product is, how it will work etc. The primary keyword which must be used here is high retention rates. These ads are psychologically designed in such a way that they stick to users’ minds. It is so because of the fancy colours used in it. This feature makes these ads inherent fun. Due to this, it keeps the user engaged in the ad.

There are some stats which supports the use of playable ad. It reduces the number of uninstalls in apps as users stay engaged due to these ads. It gives a rush of fun to them, so even if the app does not appeal much to them, they will still keep it. A survey conducted devised that 71 % of advertisers mark playable ads as a practical option. Around 64% of leading app install marketers prefers playable ads as an advertising tool making it one of the most preferred ad categories.

Playable ads provide an excellent level of flexibility to its designer. It allows the designer to add elements in the ad, which tempts the user to install the app. Designer ads clips of games in which the user is winning the game, and as everyone likes winning. So it’s a great way to increase app installs.


If we see in a long term then, mobile playable ads are the future of social media advertising. This is so because of their interactive design, colour, and animation effects. Some other features, like having a play button on them or having a link to app installs. These are the things that make it a priority for the advertisement industry people.

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