The first and most significant difference between playable ads and normal ads is that the former is the future, and the latter is the past of the advertising techniques.

Technology advancement has proven to be freakishly advantageous and profiteering for the whole of the world, whether in terms of the health sector, education, or businesses.

Everything around is getting advanced, and the normal ways of advertising are also on the brink of extinction. 

I’ll enlist a few differences between playable and normal ads to give you an idea about how technology has improved the business’s advertising department.

Normal is basically traditional

In the era of playables, normal ads have started to become hard to notice unless the biggest movie star or sports personality is attached to them. The normal ads consist of simple hoarding, banner. Or digital forms that are banner in the ad appear at the bottom or top of the screen of any device you are using. Another digital ad format is interstitial, where the full-page ad is displayed on the screen of the device and supports video content. And last is native ads; these ads customizable according to the app’s feel and look, and they also support video content.

 The playable ads are interactive ads where you can play the content or get a hands-on experience before downloading or using the product.

Playables contain great visuals and graphics, which tempts the users to engage with the advertisement. They also contain tutorials and guiding cues guiding the user to use the game, which makes users very comfortable playing the game through playable.


The second significant difference is between the ads’ mechanisms; normal ads are printed on paper or flex material, whereas normal digital ads use text, image, or. GIF files.

But playable ads use the mechanism where the user gets to use the product or service offered beforehand and decides after that if he/she wants to use it. Like in the case of games, their playable ads units let the user play a part or stage of a game before downloading.

Audience targeting

The difference is between the audiences of these ads entertain respectively. Normal ads target audiences specifically in some nature or have the ability to target an audience of kind speaking in regards to age, gender, nationality, or even interests.

But playable ads are very youth-focused ads as these are often made for gamers kind of audience and generally contain game contents. Because of being gaming companies’ creation, gaming companies often use these ads but looking at the profits they bring, other media industries have also started to put their faith in it.


Almost every form of business can advertise in the form of a normal ad because it is simple advertising and doesn’t take much effort and less expensive as compared to the playable ads, and can be published anywhere. Normal ads are not limited to digital devices only.

You will find playable ads generally on mobile phones because mobile phones have become an avoidable entity for humans. In the future, newborns will carry their phones from birth only.

That is why these ads are also called mobile playable ads. And so only the media entertainment or gaming industry publish such ads.


The conversion numbers of playable ads are far greater than normal ads. Unlike normal ads, playable ads provide users with an experience of the product even before they buy it, which sounds not such a great thing but is a great marketing tool.

If the user plays through the entire ad, it is unavoidable for the customer not to use the product. Like in the case of games, the customer gets tempted by the rewards that playables offer, and these are often easy stages of the games that, after winning, the customer is filled with the need to win more. And in the quest to fulfill the desires of its hearts, the user ends up downloading the game.

From the experience of your internet using, you might have noticed by now that many forms of businesses have started to opt for playable ad options to advertise their product. Every free or trial version of any app you use today on your mobile phones is filled with these ads, which gives us a hint you also have guessed what the future holds for the advertising businesses its playable ads. 

An unstoppable force drives these digital forms of ads, and there is no stopping them; the new future of advertisements is playable ads.