It is evident that social advertisements are on the rise, and businesses are spending more on social advertising to increase the level of organic traffic on their site. Moreover, advertising on the Facebook platform gives you an opportunity to target the potential customers that enable you to drive more organic traffic to your site.

Though, businesses are using playable ads on the Facebook platform to grow their business organically. But first, you need to know what playable ads are? Playable ads are usually in the format of interactive videos that are made for advertising on Facebook to drive high-quality and high-intent visitors to install businesses apps to offer the opportunity to try the product before buying experience.

Thus, there are several things that you need to aware of while using Facebook ads for promoting your business brands. It will help you target the potential market where you want to advertise your products and services and attract more visitors to your site. Without further ado, let us discuss the top features that you need to know about Facebook ads.

  • Facebook Lead Ads

One of the recent upgrades provided by Facebook in its advertising is lead ads. Thus, it enables the advertiser to collect data regarding the various leads without having the need for a landing page or directly with the help of a form without leaving the Facebook application. Moreover, some advertisers have found that lead ads help in the reduction of CPL by four times, which means you can advertise your product cost-effectively on the Facebook platform.

It would be best for you to use the lead ads feature of Facebook ads to get vital information regarding leads that will enable you to set your target audience. Thus, you can build your lead ads by choosing the lead generation objective while starting a new campaign. After that, create a lead form according to the advert level and answer all the questions while creating a proper form. 

  • Reporting

The real results are always found in the reporting section, and Facebook will provide you with every detail regarding your ads. Most reporting section will depend on the performance of your business, and it might be a breakdown in the following sections:

  • Are your mobile playable ads converting?
  • What age group has increased your CPA?
  • What areas are not giving results? 
  • What proportion of gender has responded to your site? 

Thus, you will find an answer to these questions in the breakdown section, and you will be able to get an insight regarding your advertisement’s performance. You can also compare the conversion performance over the different section from where you can attract organic traffic. Therefore, it will help you alleviate your fund from the weaker section to the stronger one, which has shown you a better result than other sections. 

  • Attribution Models 

Every business needs to understand Facebook’s attribution models to learn about where to change your perspective and what makes sense to improve your conversion goals. Moreover, the rules of setting up your Facebook playable ads will depend upon the timeframe interaction of the viewer and how each lead is converted in your customers.

Once you learn about how Facebook ads work, you will know the real value of the conversion rate, and it can help you determine where to advertise your product. Moreover, you can also compare the performance of other networks where you are running the ads.

  • Test Instagram 

For several years, Instagram has always been placed beside the Facebook ads dashboard. Therefore, connecting your Instagram with your Facebook account will increase the area of advertising areas. Thus, your Facebook playable ads will also be advertised on both platforms allowing you to cover a larger audience with one ad.

  • Similar Audiences

Another best feature about the Facebook ads is that it enables you to target the potential audience with paid social effectively. The similar audience features of Facebook ads generate an audience similar to your current audience or customers. Thus, it will advertise your playable ads on similar users’ feeds or who will be interested in doing business with you.

This audience may be based upon your Facebook pixel or conversion goal segments that you have a target to achieve. The algorithm Facebook will attract similar users interested in your business niche and look for similarities in interests, demographics, behaviors, and many more. At last, Facebook generates a list of users based on such research and finding to display your ads to potential customers.

The information mentioned above is regarding the feature of Facebook ads that you need to be aware of. 

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