When it comes to developing your mobile game ads, you have to focus on the advertisement format and have to follow essential guidelines to make your advertisement more appealing. However, while creating an ad, you need to make sure that your advertisement does not interrupt the player’s experience.

Also, it should follow the pattern of natural pauses to take advantage of those small pauses. Moreover, you have to make sure that the advertisement should not kick them out from the game if they accidentally or on purpose click on the advertisement. It can result in frequent stops and will interrupt the gaming experience. It is true that the mobile game ads in the gameplay are never going to stop because it helps developers to introduce a new feature of the gameplay and compel users to update the application sooner to enjoy the new change brought in the game.

Moreover, developers should note banner blindness and fat finger errors to make the ad more compelling. You can also use an ad blocker to prevent the unnecessary intervention of fake game ads in between your gameplay to enhance the gaming experience of players. Let us focus on the top essentials that you need to know while creating a mobile game advertisement. 

  • Ads That Work Along With Players’ Experience

The first perspective of every developer should be creating an ad that works so smoothly as possible to easily integrate them into players’ experience is the most vital part of developing a mobile advertisement in your game.

For example, mobile ads format like interstitials ads are featured at the time of natural pauses where it does not interrupt the experience of the players, expandable ads do not kick the player out of the game, and making use of static and dynamic ads wisely are essential to provide users with the best possible gaming experience while delivering the mobile game ads effectively. 

  • Analyze The Trend Of Natural User Pauses

When completing a high level, defeating the enemy, winning or losing the race and similar situations are the best timing to feature an ad. The best part is that users are likely to take that natural after a match and be OK with the time it takes to display the full ad.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of serving an ad which offers a bonus or reward to the user because it might be possible that user will like to increase their points or upgrade something in the game to enhance their gameplay before taking it to the next level. 

  • Keep Them Engaged In The Gameplay

It should be considered that your mobile game ads should never kick the player out of the gameplay unless the user wants to leave the game. Moreover, you should include a healthy warning before leaving the game if they engage with the advertisement. However, receiving quality ad engagement and interactions is a good thing, but making the user leave the game unnecessarily even when they do not want to is not considered a good thing.

You must consider using a fair and transparent warning to make the user aware of the game’s further action. Therefore, it will drive an engaging audience interested in the advertisement and increase the conversion rate too. 

  • Fat Fingers And Banner Blindness Are Real 

You need to be aware of the concept of banner blindness because most of the time, players ignore the information present in the ad. Whether the user ignores the details in the ad subconsciously or consciously will affect the effectiveness of the ad and reduce the level of engagement. At the same moment, you do not want to interrupt the gameplay experience of the user.

It happens precisely in the case of fat fingers because everyone is likely to make clicking mistakes, whether intentionally or accidentally, on their mobile devices or desktops. These mistakes can interrupt the experience of the player when they are deeply involved in the gameplay. 

  • Measure How Adblocking Can Affect The Gameplay

One of the vital essentials in the ads tech is ad blockers, and developers need to consider how they affect the gameplay experience. How adblockers will affect the gameplay will depend on how it has been set up, and the use of ad blockers has been increasing day by day. However, they might hide various banner ads and developments, but it will not hide the contextual ads or advertisements severed as rewards. 

The information mentioned above is related to the top essentials you need to consider while creating mobile game advertisements. 

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