Rewarded ads are one of the best forms of mobile game ads that you can incorporate into your gameplay. In this form of mobile gaming ads, users are offered an opportunity to continue their gameplay when they have continuously failed in the game. Thus, giving them another opportunity to play the game will improve the users’ gaming experience and keep them engaged with the gameplay for a more extended period.

In rewarded video advertisements will offer an exact value of exchange to the users, and they have to watch the video to claim the reward. Thus, it will benefit all users, advertisers, and developers. As developers will get higher ecpms rates while advertise will get improved visibility along with high click-through rates. Most importantly, users will get in-app premium content, which will help in enhancing their gameplay and gaming experience. Thus, users will see an offer for premium content in exchange for watching the video featured in the gameplay when users choose to watch the video and enjoy the gameplay advertisement.

Once the video ends, the user will return to game flow and be rewarded with the premium gameplay’s content of the ore; all you need to keep a small video icon featured in your gameplay all the time in front of users’ eye to ensure when they need any help users can click on the icon watches a video and rewarded with in-app content to continue their gameplay. Without further ado, let us discuss the advantages of incorporating rewarded mobile game ads in your game.

  • Increase Ad Revenue

Have you ever thought about how much do reward video advertisements can pay? Well, rewarded video advertisement can improve the revenue level by 30% to 50%. Moreover, rewarded ads are the only form of advertising out of others, which can deliver a higher level of ecpms to the app developer that means make more revenue from the advertisement. However, if you consider the average amount of ecpm that you can get from the rewarded video, it may vary from $10 to $50.

It would be great for you to incorporate rewarded ads in your gameplay to increase the users’ engagement and retention level. It will help you make more revenue while enhancing the gaming experience of the users. You can also use ads tech to make your advertisement more interactive and compelling to provide users with a simple way to tackle the problems integrated into the gameplay.

  • Increase In-App Purchases

Since rewarded users are specially designed for those non-paying users and encourage them to make in-app purchases by allowing them to use the premium goods received as a reward, most users are compelled to make an in-app purchase to increase the level of their gameplay. Statistics have shown that users who watch rewarded mobile game ads are more likely to make an in-app purchase and enabling users to make more revenue. Thus, it would be great for you to integrate rewarded ads in your gameplay if you are interested in increasing the number of iaps in your gameplay.

  • Enhance User Experience

Rewarded ads neither interrupt the gameplay nor kick out the user from the game, making it easier for users to play the game. Moreover, users have the flexibility to choose whether they want to engage with the advertisement or not. And players can anytime opt for the option for watching the video and get some serious rewards.

Unlike other advertising formats, which may feature in between the users’ gaming experience, rewarded ads can generate a considerable amount of positive user experience and encourage them to make an in-app purchase to improve the gaming experience. Moreover, rewarded video advertisements are free from fake game ads, which can impact the users’ experience. If you want to improve the user experience, then using rewarded ads will do the job.

  • Enhances User Retention And Engagement

Once the user prefers to watch the advertisement video instead of paying out for new premium features of gaming, it will enable them to play the game for a longer period, hence increasing the user’s retention and engagement level.

Moreover, rewarded videos are specially made to retain the user in the gameplay by giving them another opportunity to play once again when they are failing. This increases the user gaming experience and keeps the user on the gameplay for a longer period while contributing to the lifetime value of the game. It helps developers to make more money from their mobile game ads. 

These are the benefits that you will enjoy after incorporating rewarded ads in your game.