Since interactivity has been in progress for a while, smartphones have developed over the past few years to support such a high-quality advertising experience on mobiles. Along with evolution, one interactive ad format has created a lot of buzz around the advertisers, users, and developers worldwide that is playable ads. You might be wondering why? Because it delivers high-quality entertainment to the user with which they can play within a nice and neat advertisement of 30 seconds.

However, creating a playable ad takes a lot of research, storyboards, scripts, prototyping, etc. Therefore, developing and designing perfect playable ads requires proper coding and scripting to feature the game’s main niche or application. Developers have to convince users to try out their game or application with a small demo ad that is only 30-45 seconds long.

Thus, if you want to grab the users’ attention with the help of playable ads, you must consider these below-mentioned tips while developing and designing your playable ad units to enhance the turnover earned from the advertisement and increase click-through rates. So without further delay, let us focus on those tips that will help create the best playable ads for your game or application. 

  • Stop Replicating Your Game

As it is well said in the mobile gaming world, less is usually more, and it is also applied for mobile advertisements. It means your mobile playable ads should not be an exact copy of your game; instead, it should be stripped down into a small and simplified version. Moreover, featuring your whole game might seem impressive, but it will slow down your playable advertisement’s progress and draw out the interest of users once they have seen the entire gameplay.

In order to make it enjoyable, you need to keep a simplified version of your game that reflects the category of your gameplay rather than showing the entire game itself. Thus, it will create suspense around the users’ minds and convince them to install your game and start playing; hence, it will improve the ad’s revenue rate and keep the user engaged with the gameplay for a longer time. 

  • Showcasing Best Features

Another great tip to consider while developing and designing your playable ads is to showcase the game’s best features or application. Thus, featuring the best things about your app or game will make sure that your app is unique and make your gameplay or interface stand out from the crowd. It would be best for you to keep two-three playable advertisements to grab the users’ attention and inform them why your app is unique compared to other applications with a similar niche.

As it is well said that, first impressions have the most significant impact on the user’s mind, so you don’t want to miss it. Therefore, it is necessary for you to develop a perfect advertisement that features your best content of all levels, which will attract users to try out your game. You must feel free to pull out your game’s unique features as it will excite users to play your game.

While developing your Playables, you must include the gameplay’s latest features that might ignite an interest in the users like in some games; the entire theme is changed according to the season, making it more interesting. 

  • Reduce The Learning Curve

It might take some time in a mobile application before they get the hang of your users’ gameplay. You will get only 30 seconds of playable ads, and you don’t have enough time to teach viewers how to play the game. Therefore, it is vital for you to make the user understand how playable ad works in the 3-4 seconds, it means you will have to make use of ‘hands’ that shows people where to swipe, offering hints, highlighting key buttons, and providing concise along with explicit instructions, which are impossible to miss.

It will help users play the demo featured in the playable ads and experience the gameplay of your game. However, suppose you fail to deliver enough information that helps users learn how to engage with the playable ads. In that case, they are more likely to click on the exit button or X, and in worse cases, they might install the application and uninstall it later. Therefore, keeping a lower learning curve will enable the users to understand how to engage with the playable ads. 

These are the top tips that you need to consider while developing and designing your playable ads.