Since the craze of ad blocking has increased over the past few years, It pushed the ad industry to rethink its strategies to features their ad content in a creative and interactive advertisement to fed users with relevant, informative content instead of dull and irrelevant ads. Thus, the ad industry begins to adopt interactive ad formats like playable ads and feature them through mobile media alongside generated a value exchange between advertisers and users.

There are different types of mobile ad formats, and one of them is a playable advertisement, which delivers the exact content that the user wants to see, and it helps developers to keep their users engaged with the ad and might led them to install your game, hence, increasing your click-through rate. Playable ads offer an interactive snippet of your game like a small demo that displays your game’s best features along with the main niche of the gameplay.

In the end, there is a button of the call to action like install the app to convince users to install the game, and they are featured throughout the playable ads to ensure that the call-to-action is visible to the users. However, if you can provide users an enjoyable ad experience, it is more likely that they will engage with the gameplay. So when it comes to developing a perfect playable advertisement, you need to consider several things while creating your interactive playable ad. Without any further ado, let us talk about how to create a playable ad that works. 

  • Steps To Create Playable Ads

To provide users with a genuine experience of the app, playable ads provide users with numerous opportunities and various touchpoints to help users engage appropriately with the ads, unlike other ad units featured by the various app. Each playable advertisement comprises three main components: tutorial, gameplay, and end card. 

  1. Tutorial

The tutorial introduces the users to the mini-game in a short and points video. Most probably in 3 seconds, the tutorial will effectively example the user how to play the game and about the game niche. Thus, you should ensure that your mobile playable ads are incorporated with an interactive and intuitive design that does not require many taps because if you make your advertisement more complex, it might lower the user ad experience.

Players are not used to the gameplay, and if you fail to deliver relevant content on time, they might shift their interest to a different app. Therefore, you need to create an interactive tutorial that helps in grabbing the attention of the users. Above all, the users have to know that it is a playable ad that they can easily interact with, featuring a small tutorial about how to play the game and attract the user to try out the gameplay’s demo interface. 

  • Gameplay 

After the tutorial, you have to create a quick and simplified version of the gameplay that gives users a proper glimpse into the gameplay interface. Thus, you will have 10 to 20 seconds to showcase the best features of your game and the main niche of the game. You have to make the most of It as the first impression will significantly impact the users’ minds, and in the end, users should be able to determine whether they should in the game or not and keep them engaged with the playables. 

You need to make sure that your playable ads feature a perfect demo of the gameplay that convince users to install the app. You should keep the gameplay low-medium level that it challenges the users, but in the end, they win the game. Thus, more wins will increase the click-through rate, and users will install the game and keep themselves engaged with the gameplay. It will increase the users’ level of excitement and make them engaged with the playable ad units. 

  • The End Card 

Finally, you have to incorporate the end card in the playable ads, which displays a clear call to action, appealing users to install the app, or offer them other steps to follow to install the app. However, if you have an integrated app-install ad, users are likely to choose the install option, and they will be redirected to the application store for download. Moreover, it would help if you also incorporated the x-out option in the entire playable ads to ensure users stay in control and experience stay positive. 

This way, you can create interactive playable ads that attract people to try out your gameplay.