In sorted words, event gamification means introducing the games in a meeting to increase the participation and involvement of the attendee to reach a predetermined goal. There are a lot of games that can be used for the gamification process and that are quizzes, elimination matches, card plays, countdown sports, spin wheel games, trust & dare plays, and many more, and all those can be used to make an organized meeting more exciting and fun-loving.

This scenario will ultimately lead to the interaction of the several participants with themselves and with the organizers. Many organizations and broadcasting services use these games for events model to communicate their message to their inner circle and an outer ring in the present life.

Most probably in the outside zone, simple games such as dart board, wire loop, through the loop, and many more are entertained in the event of promoting the product. In the inner circle, activities like quizzes, sports matches, card plays, and many others can be considered. No matter the type of the meeting, gamification will add a new texture and fun and make it more attractive and creative in participants’ eyes.

Variety of the games that can be entertained in the events

The list of the variety is extensive, and some of the top playable scenarios are efficiently discussed in the segment here below-

  • Live trivia session

Live trivia is generally done in gamified meetings, and it can increase the involvement of the participants. It follows a very general and straightforward procedure for the attendees to open up the trivia application on their smartphones. At several moments some questions will be pop up on their devices. The participants have to answer by selecting one of the correct options. And this is how the quiz will continue further.

Moreover, attendees can play in teams; they can make the team with the other participants and join the live trivia session. This concept will help in building the teamwork ability in the person. In the end, the person or the team with higher right answers is selected as the winner and will be awarded at the end of the scenario. This is one of the most palpable games for events and will positively impact the joiners.

  • Elimination gameplays

Another type of method to make a meeting appreciable gamified. Elimination plays are also called the last person standing stretches, and this concept will add a boost to the energies of the participants and the watchers. A leadership board is associated with determining the attendee’s score, and the participant who stays on the top of the leader board until the last round of the match will be considered the winner.

Elimination matches can be of different types such as ball throw, pull the weight, grab the chair, running, and many more. As the play continues, the players’ list will be shorter as they get eliminated with each round of space, and further on, the winner will be identified. Elimination rounds will be one of the most appreciated and love games for events.

  • Quizzes

As everyone knows, quizzes are the introduction of the question bank to the players, and they will have to answer them. Prizes are awarded to the participant according to the asked question or cumulative at the end. This type of game can be introduced in the meetings that are organized on an offline basis as well as an online basis. At the web-based platform, people are requested to join by offering them a link or a code.

Entertaining quizzes is the most comfortable and most convenient task in the meetings. An examination can make on any topic in the world such as current affairs, history, politics, geography, biology, city, state, country, marketing, and many more. This will build a feeling of confidence in the participants and boost their confidence. A quiz is considered one of the most interactive and engaging types of gameplay. At the end of the occasion, the winner will be awarded some gifts for their phenomenal performance.

  • Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel can be said as the funniest mode of gaming, and one of the best branded games that possesses the ability to generate thrill and excitement in the attendee. A spinning reel is based on the concept that several mini-tasks are written in the various columns of the wheel, and a person is asked to spin it, and after some time, the wheel stops rotating, and arrived task is given to the person to perform. This scenario will build a positive environment and produce a high engagement of the participants.

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