Playable ads are overtaking the social media advertising industry very rapidly. It is so because these ads are highly creative in designs. It has great capability to appeal to the consumer mind as it has glorious animations effects. It can make consumers visualize the product. Giving him a clear idea about what it is and how it will work. 

Apart from interactive and appealing designs, playable ads have some other features like having a tap to play button, active links to the website. This entire feature increases traffic on-site and also the engagement of the user. There are some features of playable ad, which is necessary to be discussed in detail.

  • Dynamic Functionality

The mobile playable ads dynamic functionality means it has active buttons and links on it. These buttons can be tap to play buttons. Links can be of your website, and all you have to click on the link to get transferred to the website.

  • Playable ads can help you target the appropriate audience

It is because of the very structure of playable ads. Playable ads have playable buttons on them. On this play button, only those users will click who are interested. App makers will get notified about the high engagement time. With this, they can conclude that the given person is interested in the app or game. So from now on, they will target such people with ads of the same genre.

  • Playable Ads Are Highly Platform Compatible

With the help of today’s advanced software, playable ads may work on cross platforms. It is one of its best features that these ads can run on Facebook and Instagram too. Facebook, in today’s time, has more than a billion users. Having such a massive number of audiences can increase the number of your consumer. It is a simple principle that the more people you target, the more is the probability of getting the consumer.

Playable ads are an easily compatible thing to platforms like Facebook. It can help to enhance not only the number of consumers but also the quality of clients. It is great to have an overseas client as the chances of improvement are higher due to their critical reviews.

Do’s and Dent’s for Interactive Playable Ads

  • Keep It Simple

Apart from the functionality and design of the ad, another crucial thing is to keep it simple. It is necessary to give a simplified definition of your product. Just give important points of your product via playable ad units. Giving too many details can be boring and can make the user exit the ad.

  • Playable Ads Are Very Topic Flexible

It is highly important to realize that the concept of playable ads is not confined to games only. You can use it for several other products. All you have to do is generate a plot. Even if the playable ad is created using proper plot and animation effects, it can be a great success for any product.

  • Try To Make Call To Action Buttons Clear

Buttons responsible for taking the user to the play store to install the app is of great importance. You have to make that the button you placed is not dead. It happens very often that the button does not have any functionality. It can be a great source of annoyance for the user. It can decrease traffic on your website. Buttons, if added properly, can help to direct a large volume of traffic to the app.

  • Watch And Learn The Game

The sector of playable ads is highly competitive. It makes it necessary to keep an eye on your opponents. Many times it happens that there are people around you who are better in the game. It is a wise option to watch and learn for them so that you can learn from them. So that you can make your playables looks attractive.

  • Keep Yourself Updated

In the sphere of the advertisement industry, new software keeps on coming every day. Some are futile, but some worth a shot. Trying new software is essential so that you don’t get exempted from enjoying new tools. Who knows, these new tools can have the potential to create beautiful, playable ads. Do not hesitate to spend some money on the tools as most of the time. It is worth the money.


The playable ads are way more superior to other ads in a lot of attributes. It is one of the reasons people prioritize it over another category of ads. It can be really useful in engaging people and attracting a large volume of traffic. Moreover, it is getting easier day by day to create such ads using the latest tools.