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We support gamification education. If you work for any education organization, please contact us to get premium access for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to the playable library:

Our library contain hundred of playables and we will keep adding more and more. Please feel free to use your creativity to customize them for your project.

How to import and use the playable?

You can manage the auto import and auto publish in your account. Just with 1 click, the platform will create the playables and publish them all to your campaigns.

Which playable formats can I get?

Smart Game Ads cover most of the popular format/wrapping for ads networks. You can also get the instant playable url, which allows you to play anywhere with your browser.

What is exclusive playable (EP) ?

It mean that the playable will be tailored exclusively for you and won’t be shared to the library. You can get 1 FREE EP per month with Whale package. If you need more, please contact us.  

For further assistant: