There is no denying that playable ads have emerged as a new winner in the world of advertising and increased in popularity, especially when gaming is concerned. 

These ads are simply a demo of the full game or app, which the user can use before downloading. It’s an internet world we live in, and businesses are doing everything they could to keep the users interested and engaged through their advertisements.

Users look for something fun and avoid watching a video where a big celebrity promotes the game or app as if the celebrity itself plays it. With social media platforms’ help, we are aware now that these celebrities only advertise the product for the money and don’t use it. And feel betrayed and lose faith in the product which we thought to be good or authentic.

Due to such scenarios like where people get cheated and fear using a product because of the doubts in mind about the authenticity of the product, playables were created. In the hope of changing the world gaming industry introduced a new advertisement system that is playable ads. Following are some reasons why these ads are the future.

Businesses have started preparing for it

Since the emergence, these playable ad units have become quite popular. They have been enrolled in the inventory of major internet giants, and this new ad format is no more hidden from the world of advertisements. Like almost every innovation, companies will start with playables by outsourcing them. Because the creation of advertisement is also expensive, and not every publication has the machinery or brains or even the budget to test and run this new method.

Publication companies are looking for ways to develop new methods to create these digital forms of advertising. As they know, the future of advertisement is in playables and trying their level best to accommodate changing technology. Also, because industries other than the gaming industry are turning towards this new form of advertising, the pressure is automatically on ad publishers’ shoulders to create effective and less expensive to develop innovative and engaging playable ads.

 What does the stat reveal?

In today’s world, smartphone users are spending more time on their mobile phones than earlier. According to the surveys, it is revealed that by the year 2022, the number of app downloads will reach 258 billion, which is 45% more than in 2017. And by the same year, the total revenue of the mobile application will reach $935.2 billion.

And to your surprise, these apps download are not limited to social networking apps. Mobile games also belong to the most popular category. Playable ads are the future of mobile phone advertising. According to the stats released by experts in marketing, these ads are preferred for monetization by more than 46% of popular app developers. This format of advertising is most effective among other digital formats.

These ads are fun and have just started

Mobile playable ads are fun and full of excitement, holding users’ attention from the second the advertisement starts. And these ads build a better relationship with the user by providing them hands-on experience of the game before asking them to download it.

Users have accustomed to this new format of ads and often avoid ads with simple graphics and photos; it is the human tendency that wants something new every other time, or you can call it curiosity. Because of this curiosity, only the human race has reached where it stands today.

There is another tremendous advantage of these digital ads. They build trust with the user when somebody gets to test or play the game before installing it and finds it attractive, and then the user stays with you longer.

Future is bright

It takes a lot of effort to create a playable ad, and you can say the effort is equal to like developing a whole game. It requires a whole new storyline or plot to develop the ad, graphics creating easy gameplay with tutorials. 

But still, every day, you see more and more of these ads popping up on your screens. That means the industries are relying on the format and want to use it now more than ever. They can provide their user best and everlasting experience and get conversions. These ads have proven beneficial for the gaming industry, and I believe this format will take over the advertising industry in a short period of time.