Playable ads are becoming popular among the users, enabling developers to use them to drive more customers to the site/application. Moreover, it has proven effective, and Facebook has approved to display ads on its platform. However, its increasing popularity might raise some serious questions for non-gaming application developers that whether playable ads should be used for promoting non-gaming applications or not.

The answer is yes because it is a form of interactive ads that are used for mobile advertising games most of the time, but it can also be used to promote other applications. Moreover, potential customers can experience the interface of the app before actually downloading it. Advertisement unit, whether a video or banner, is created to sell your application and explains why your application is different from other apps by showing the advantages and provide users with a perfect insight into your product.

Thus, these 30 seconds of compelling ads can apply to all promoting speeches and lead to reaching your potential customers. If these advertisements are adequately developed, it provides an opportunity for users to learn about your app’s benefits and lead them to install the app because they know what will benefit them in the long run. Without further ado, let us talk about the best practices to develop playable ads.

  • Keep It Simple And Short

With proper testing and experiments, it is found that most playable ads for gaming apps should not take more than 45 seconds to complete in order to drive customers and the best results. Continues testing has enabled us to identify the best time for your playables because it was seen that the click-through-rates decreased when the advertisement takes longer than 45 seconds or less than 30 seconds. Ads ran between that midsection carried out the best results. Therefore, it would be great for you to convey your application’s essence in that limited time while promoting it in the new market. 

  • Keep It Straightforward 

The use of playable ads is relatively new to the users and guides them to complete the actions to fulfill the objective of playable advertisement. Therefore, they need to understand what they are doing while they enjoy the interface of interactive ads. You can use a short descriptive text and pointer hand to make it easier to guide the users throughout the ads. It would increase the driving customer’s chances to download the app/game if they enjoyed the interface quite well. 

  • Keep It Business-Centric

One of the crucial practices to consider while developing any ad is that you need to showcase your uniqueness to grab the potential audience’s attention. It is because you do not want to become a simple e-commerce application. If you do not include any of your unique features into playable ads, that means you are describing your application niche without any interactive action.

For instance, if you are running an e-commerce application and your unique objective lies in the list of products, then begin playing the ads from the endless shopping categories to choose from. In the end, enable them to explore some of the categories to keep it short and simple. 

  • Allow Them To Win

With continuous testing, we have considered that there is not only one practice that can increase the traffic to your site/application. A recent experiment suggested that when users fail to win the game, they are more likely to download the application, but the traffic rates are much higher when users win the games.

Therefore, you will have to consider both factors and create the demo of the application in such a way that it is easier for users to win, but, at the same time, it seems challenging. Thus, it can lead to a big win when you create playable ad units in an interactive way. In the case of promoting a product, it depends on the factors you choose while selling your application. You can provide them with different alternatives and showcase the disadvantages of other services to promote your services. 

  • Call To Action 

At the end of playable ads, you need to sum up the whole topic to look appealing. However, many ways and ideas can determine how it should look. You should use a button that will drive customers to your application. You must think about something creative instead of simply saying download now; it should be explicitly related to the app. For instance, start making money for an investment application. 

The practices mentioned above will help you to develop effective playable ads that can drive more customers.