Have you ever seen an advertisement? Yes. Some advertisements are unique and attract you towards them, and some are so irreverent and boring that you never want to see them again. In 2012-13, the global advertising industry was very much downed due to its awkward strategies like publishing a similar-looking advertisement to people many times a day. viewers feel it so dull and start complaining about it.

And later, a new form of advertising is introduced, which directly hits the audience’s mind, and that type of advertising is known as playable ads, ads that you can play. These are also called microgames because they are very short at about 15-60 seconds. These are introduced in 2014, are video advertisement which brings an evolution in the advertisement industry and re-build the industry. These playable ads are most liked by the populace and do not found irrelevant and uninteresting.

Reason for popularity of playable ads

The main reason behind the popularity of the playable advertisements is their uniqueness and instructiveness. People do not get bored with them quickly as they can play free and disappear after a few seconds. Some excellent reasons are discussed below-

  • Free Trial 

Playables work as free trials. As the name indicates free, they do not charge any amount of money from the user for playing the demo game. populace can watch the video and play the free demo version of the main game without installing it on their system; this will not occupy the device’s space and do not interfere with the device’s other application. This is a powerful reason for the popularity of playable or mobile playable ads. This gives joy to the user, and viewers find it an entertaining and alternate source for the mini mobile games.

If the playable ads are very good at looks, it does not face any problem like blocking by users due to frustration and irrelevancy. Well looking playable which have good graphical content gets more appreciation and liked well by people. One can edit the playable ads by HTML programs, mostly used by experts to edit or update playable ads. Daily maintenance should be taken to avoid any inconsistency.

  • Reduce uninstall rates

Let’s assume you downloaded a video game and very curious about it, and later you found it very disgusting and boring and uninstall it. In this scenario, you lost your internet data, waste your time, money, and face many problems. Playable ads do not cause such problems. You can easily remove these ads from your mobile phone screen without getting any irrelevant response from the playable ads. You do not need to install the game or application.

Instead, you can play a demo version of the same online without paying a penny for it. You can check whether it is comfortable for you and fulfill your requirements; if the demo version completes your needs, you can then download the complete application on your device—this helps save time and the user’s internet data and does not frustrate the user. Moreover, the uninstalling rates also decreased in recent times after the involvement of playable ads in our life.

  • Access to advertisement data

Playables creators provide access to the user so that they can advertise along with variation to their content with and a significant amount of in-ad data description or updating any change, give them a real-time insight by which they can track their playable ads, i.e., how many crowd tapped on their ad, for how long the audience sees their ad, number of views, number of people who reached to their official site for downloading the application, number of downloads, reviews, age group of viewers using their application, etc.

By having access to the playable ads, one can edit those application to build them more sophisticated and comfortable to use or to produce a change between them like graphics improvement, the addition of options and many more.

  • Beyond gaming

Playable ads are mostly confined to the gaming industry and rotate around them only. But as other businesses and brands also see benefits in playable ads, they also start making such types of ads like stock market-related applications, clothing applications, spectacles application, video platform, etc., but more. 

Often, gaming advertisers are using this stage most because it is straightforward to get people’s attention by a gaming advertisement.

By the above theoretical data, we get to know about the popularity of playable ads and their reasons for being famous. Game developers and businesses mostly use these easy and efficient advertising techniques.