If you are a smartphone user, you will interact with the playable ads while using a mobile phone application. These are generally called video ads, which are very short in duration and give the user an interactive experience about the new application or introduced in the market. Users do not have to install to play those games.

Nowadays, These are very popular as an advertisement. You can see this advertisement on mobile phones and laptops where you use different applications and games like Facebook and other social media applications or gaming applications that consume the internet for surfing. Facebook is one of the best platforms for playable ads and promotion for such advertisementsAnd one can easily set up these advertisements and edit easily anytime to get people to download the official original application.

Facebook aspects for playable ads

Most playable advertisements are shown on Facebook. As we all used facebook once in our lives and know that there is a gaming column with which we all are familiar and also played games on Facebook. Before playing games, we have to download the entire game, and then we are allowed to play the game, and if someone does not like the game, they have to uninstall it and lose their data that they spend to download the game.

But as the playable ads come into life, one does not have to download the game, and they are allowed to play for free without consuming a large amount of internet data, which is free of cost. This thing provides a detailed experience of the game to the user.Here we discuss that facebook involvement in playable ads-

  • Special preview 

You have to show your playable ad units very creative and fascinating in looks. Hence, anyone who saw your playable ad attracted to your advertisement showed their desire to play and spend some time on your ads. Your playable ad should be 3D in looks and have incredible graphics to catch the eye of populace. Your advertisement should be different from other advertisements; its uniqueness will help to hit audience’s minds.

You can share your playable ads on Facebook and shown in the newsfeed and story section of Facebook. Quality is the thing and should always be in mind as quality content is always sold first.

  • Allow people to test your demo application

Whenever a mobile user tap on your playable ads, they should not face any other window like taking permission to play a game or demand money to play the demo version. They should be allowed to play the demo game directly and provide them a better experience while playing and encourage them to install the original game for free. And guide them about different game features like play with friends on Facebook, bonuses, and much more.

There are many more features on Facebook regarding promotions, advertising, and sharing. If people like the game, they will share the game’s playable ads with their friends and family.

  • Finding the correct audience

One should have to focus on the correct audience who are very much interested in playing games, showing their engagement, and avoiding promotions to the non-gamer audience. Advertising to the correct audience will lead to a boost increment in the downloads of the game. Facebook playable ads help you to find the right spectators. One can find a relatable audience through promotions on Facebook and other social media platforms.

  • Easy formation

Playable ads are mainly formed of three parts cracked below-

  • Lead video: These advertisements begin with a short video of a demo game shown to viewers at several intervals while people use other apps or surf on various websites. Make sure that the video will play elegantly and smoothly.
    • Demo game: when a person taps on the playable ads, a demo game opens where a person can play the game without downloading it. The tutorial game must be simple to play so that a player can play without any guidelines. And if they like the demo game, an original download link is provided to them to download the complete game.
    • Action call: a link option is provided to the person who is playing the demo game to download the real game anytime anywhere from the official website or the authorized providers and encourage them to play solo and with their friends and loved ones.

Facebook is a social media stage and helps the game developers to get their targeted audience by facebook playable ads. All of the above theory is discussed for the Facebook advertisement and promotions.