Facebook playable ads are great ways to interact with your potential audience to drive engaging customers who are probably like to download your application and potentially make some in-app payment. Moreover, the ads in the form of videos enable the advertisers and businesses to retain the users’ attention and provide them with a try before you buy experience.

It will offer users an idea regarding how your app will work. Moreover, playable ads can be more advantageous if they are correctly used. And if you are looking for a strategy to promote your business or application, then Facebook playable ads are effective ways to communicate your message to the users with a playable ad.

It will attract customers who are interested in your application or business will visit your site. Without further ado, let us talk about Facebook playable ads in detail.

Steps to create playable ads

Generally, there are only three steps; then you need to follow in order to create your playable ads from scratch. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to create a perfect playable ad for the FacebookPlatform.

  • Lead-In Video

Playable ads start with a small video demo of your application and a game controller present on the video that shows the ad is playable. Therefore, it would be best for you to create a short demo of your application, which will provide the viewer with enough idea regarding your application or game. Moreover, it will also give an indication to the Facebook algorithm so that it will promote your playable ads in the potential market. It will help them attract more users to the applications, and they potentially are ready to purchase from the in-app system.

  • Demo Of The Game

Whenever a user clicks on the playable ad, they will be allowed to play a small, interactive, and full-screen application demo of your game without having the need to install the application. Thus, it helps users learn about the gameplay, and if they are interested in the gameplay or business, they are more likely to make an in-app purchase.

Therefore, while creating your Facebook playable ads, you need to keep in mind that the demo should be short and provide users with enough knowledge regarding the application/game. It will help you be interactive with the potential audience without any hassle. Therefore, It would be great for you to test the game several times to check whether you are receiving relevant information regarding the users’ engagement and how many have installed your application/game.

  • Call To Action

Once the video demo is over, the user will be offered a link or install icon. Thus, users will have to tap on the link, and they will be re-directed to the google plays store or apple store. Users can download the application or game by tapping on the install button, and if you are still confused, you can also take help by contacting the advertise help center. 

What Wonders Can You Bring Using Facebook Playable To Your Business?

  • Enable You To Create An Immersive Preview

With the help of playable ads by Facebook, you can easily showcase your game or application using lead-in video that will be featured in news feeds and enable people to play it. Thus, these short lead-in videos enable you to grab the potential market’s attention without having the need to use other forms of advertising your product. It would be great for you to have enough time to create special previews of your game or application that allow you to grab the potential market’s attention.

  • Allow Users To Test-Drive Your Game Or Application

You should enable the user to preview your application or game in order to provide them with the experience of try-before you buy without installing any app. Thus, this will help you offer customers demo gameplay that enables the user to play the game a couple of times. Once the demo is over, the user is offered the install icon to download the application or game easily.

  • Help You Find A Perfectly Engaged Audience And Customers.

Thus, Facebook mobile playable ads can attract high-intent users for your business interested in doing business with you or ready to pay for the in-app purchase. With the help of Facebook playable ads, you will interact with your potential audience and learn how you can engage users with your playable ads. 

The information mentioned above relates to playable ads and how you can use them to promote your business.