Are you looking for an effective way to promote your business? Then you should think about what wonders Facebook playable ads can do to your business and learn how you can use them effectively to advertise your business app or brand. Let us have a look at what are Facebook ads are:

  • Facebook Playable Ads

Facebook playable ads are unique ways of offering an experience of try before you buy to all the viewers. Moreover, it is mostly used by businesses and advertisers to drive more organic and engaging visitors to their site and may improve the conversion rate; playable ads are more advantageous as compared to other forms of advertisings.

Therefore, if you want to dominate the market, then advertising your product or business niche on the Facebook platform will help you target the right audience, who will be interested in doing business with you and show more engagement compared to a bunch of visitors. Thus, playable ads have distinct benefits for a business; let us have a look:

  • Immersive And Engagingplayable ads featured in the news feed of active people on Facebook allow them to engage with the short gameplay by simply tapping on the play button instead of making them watch a video or read your advertisement. 
  • Communicating Experience is because your playable ads provide them with an opportunity for Facebook users to engage with the demo version of the original app and help you directly communicate with your audience before they download the original version of the application. 
  • Targeting Quality Users – playable ads have a great engagement level that means it will attract more interested users to your site or app and maximizes your ad expenditure by driving people who will use your app more often and may potentially spend some in-app money purchase.

Therefore, rather than spending a hefty amount of dollars on marketing static images or explainer videos, it would be better for you to choose Facebook playable ads because they can provide users with an excellent source of fun and engaging experience. 

Moreover, playable ads are suitable for game developers as it will offer a demo version of the original app to provide the users with a try before you download experience.

  • Which One Is Better Playable Ads Or App Install Ads? 

Since introducing the playable ads features added to Facebook in the year 2018, with the primary focus to help advertisers and businesses achieve top downloads from potential users who will use their app and potentially ready to spend money in-app purchases.

Moreover, Facebook playable ad units have successfully boosted the sale of businesses and advertisers tremendously. Playable ads begin with some lead-in video of the original app followed by a playable or interactive demo version of the application that enables the user to have a demo experience of the gameplay.

To begin the gameplay, all you need to do is click on the screen when you see a remote icon on display. Once the demo is completed, users will see a command of the call to action to enable the users to download the application/game.  

Moreover, these ads will only be featured in news feeds, stories, and Instagram feeds with a playable feature that is only available for news feeds.

Therefore, using app installed ads will not drive enough users to download your application/game because the user will not know how your app’s gameplay works. It would be great for you to adopt Facebook playable ads as it has shown higher return, increased click-through rates, and reduces the cost per paying user. 

  • Why Do You Need To Use Facebook Playable Ads? 

Facebook playable ads help businesses target the right audience who are most likely to download your application and be ready to spend money on in-app purchases. To make it more effective, Facebook has introduced two new features of playable ads on Facebook that is value optimization and retention optimization. 

  • Retention Optimization 

Retention optimization is referred to as the percentage of users who come back to your application/game after a specific time, that is, days, weeks, or even months, and so on. Thus, it will provide information regarding how to optimize your retention period using the Facebook ads manager dashboard, and you will get the necessary detail by analyzing. 

  • Value Optimization 

Value optimization features allow you to set the budget for your playable ads, and Facebook will provide at least an acceptable return or more value return during the whole campaign. Therefore, you will be able to use your playable ads under your desired budget. 

The information mentioned above is regarding the use of Facebook playable ads and why you need to use them for your business.