Right now, the playable advertisement is ruling the world of advertising. Both the advertisers and the viewers love to interact and set up the playable ads. This is because there are many benefits that both parties enjoy due to these ads. Earlier, some fewer people are known for the concept of these ads.

Now, as time passed away, more businesses and developers have come to know the concept of the playables. Now the people other than the gaming apps are also thinking that these apps are useful for non-gaming apps. The answer to this question is that maybe you can use the ads to fulfill your advertisement goals. Now let us discuss in detail that what are the steps that you must follow if you want to set up an advertisement campaign that helps you convert.

Keep The Ad Video Short And Simple 

If the ads that you will make are large, then no one will be interested in watching our advertisements. The very same rule applies to the playable ads. That is why you have to keep in mind that you should keep the video of the advertisement short. Along with that, there are three different portions of the ad. You should try that you don’t extend the first introductory part of the ad.

When your mobile playable ads play in between the game or any other app, it must be designed so that in a snippet of 15 seconds, you complete the introductory part, and then in the next 45 to 50 seconds; you should let the person play. Also, don’t try to add too many elements in the ad. Just try to keep it simple because nowadays, people like simple things instead of fake show-offs.

Always Be Clear To The Point You Want To Mention 

There must be a goal that you want to serve with the playable ad unit that you are running. Now when you are making the ad for yourself, then you should take care of one fact that your goal clearly shows through that advertisement. Let us suppose that you want to show the audience a particular feature in the advertisement. No, in the introductory part, you have explained that feature in detail; But in the gameplay portion, that features is not clearly shown.

This leaves a wrong impact on the person’s mind, and they will not understand what you want them to do. That is why you should always take care that the point of your advertisement must be clear. For this, you should recheck the advertisement you have formed before actually placing it as a playable ads. 

Always Keep The Concept Of The Ad Original

To save some money and work of creativity, sometimes people copy the concept of the playable ads that they see from other people. When they run such ads, the audience figures out that the concept is copied, due to which their interest in watching the ad decreases. Due to this, your goal from the ad and the money you have spent running the ads get in vain.

If you want people to like your ad and engage with it, you should show something original. It will show them that you have done hard work in making and designing the ad. The engagement will boost up in this case; you will see some unbelievable results from the campaign.

Let The Player Win In The Gameplay 

In the middle portion of the advertisement, you allow the person to play with the game you provide. Now you have to take care of one fact during this that you have to let the person in the match in the small snippet. When they win, then there will be a thought in their mind that what will be in the other levels of the game.

It will bring them automatically to the final stage, where they will get converted and download the game. If in the early stages will give a loss to the viewer, then the chances of getting the conversion from your facebook playable ads will decrease manifolds.

Don’t Forget To Add The Call To Action 

It is the final yet the most important step. You should never forget to add a button downloading the game at the ending of the advertisement. It will ease the person’s process to download the game, and your motive will be fulfilled from the playable ads. 

The final words

These are some of the steps you should always take when designing and playing playable ads. It will help you set the best ad ever that too always.