Playable ads are among the best forms of promoting products in an effective way to a larger audience at the time. Moreover, these ads allow advertisers and developers to showcase the advantage of their products or application to their potential customers.

Thus, it enables users to experience the whole game’s interface via a short ad without the need to install any application like a try before you buy experience. If the user finds it attractive, they are more likely to download the app. Eventually, it leads to an improvement in retention rates and conversion rates than static video and image ads because these forms of advertising do not enable the user to learn more about the gameplay until they play the game.

Therefore, you need to focus on the minute details because while developing any playable ads, you probably miss out on many things, and many things can go wrong. To prevent you from getting into that situation, we have enlisted several best tactics that can help you reduce the chances of getting things wrong and create a high-quality playable ad that will help you improve your turnover over cost spend on developing advertisements.

  • Make It Simple And Easy

You have a limited time to express your game niche in a playable ad to attain and retain your potential market’s attention. Therefore, you should exclude unnecessary visual effects in the advertisement to make it simpler for users to understand your business’s objective and help them engage more with the gameplay.Moreover, you should provide them with simple and clear instructions and visual clues throughout the process, such as a pointer will do the job, and it is considered more effective. 

  • Focus On Showing The Main Objective Of The App

Most developers and advertisers mistake of cramming their whole app into the ads and unable to express their whole niche. Instead of covering the whole concept, you should focus on showcasing your app’s primary goal because playable ads are only 30-45 seconds longer. If you cannot communicate the selling point of your application, you will need to sum up the concept in an abstract version to provide users with an experience of try before you buy.

  • Make An Interactive CTA 

Every developer and advertiser need to make an interactive call to action because it will attract the users to download the applications. Therefore, if you can display CTA at each stage of playable ad units, it does not matter whether your audience engages for a short or long period. It will increase the conversion rate because it will direct them straight to the app store if they click on the button.

  • Playable Ads Are Also For Non-Gaming Apps 

Most developers and advertisers make use of playable ads to promote their gaming apps. The best part about this form of advertising is that it also enables the business to promote their application through interactive ads and target the right audience. Moreover, you can use it to showcase your most prominent feature in a creative way to grab the attention of the customers. Thus, mobile playable ads can increase click-through rates and support your business to get a better return. It would great for you to get the best out of these advertisements.

  • Let Them Win 

Studies have shown that users who win the game at playable ads will probably download the application to win more games. However, playable advertisements will enable the users to win more games, but if you have any doubts, then you can run several tests and experiments of different levels to compare the outcomes of winning. 

  • Avoid Making The Ad More Complicated And Large 

It would be great for you to keep the advertisement short and lightweight because the heavy file will take time to load, which can reduce the engagement level of the users. Therefore, it would be great for you to make playables around 500kb or 1Mb. It will take less time to load, and users will be more engaged with gameplay instead of waiting for the advertisement to load.

  • Keep Users From Completing The Game

It is the best way to increase the conversion rate because if the advertisement takes longer than 45 seconds, it is possible that users may lose interest in the game. Therefore, keep CTA at every stage will drive the customer to your site. 

The information mentioned above will improve the performance of your playable ads and help you attract more customers.