Mobile game advertisements are more popular and influential than static banners. After the introduction of innovative ideas like playable ads has made a remarkable impact on both the developers and players. Playable ads encourage developers to showcase the advantages of their app in a short video.

At the same time, players can learn about how beneficial the mobile app can be via their gameplay’s small demo without having the need to install the app. Earlier, it was difficult for developers to promote their application in a video form. With this innovative and creative idea of playable ads, developers and businesses have opened the door for developers and businesses to drive customers and increase engagement.

Moreover, the development in HTML5 has enabled the user to optimize their playable ads while creating an interactive demo of your application/game. Therefore, you need to have some knowledge and finesse regarding playable ads to get users’ right interaction from building an actual game. Statistics have shown that these creative ads can increase engagement and conversion of 134% more users compared to static ads.

Since audiences can preview realistic gameplay, it has increased the number of installers by 25% along with retention. With continuous testing and experimenting, we have discovered several ways to optimize the playable ads’ design and performance to drive more organic traffic via the advertisement.

  • Keep The Design Simple

It usually will happen that when you initially introduced your playable ads, you might not get enough play rate because people are not engaging with the gameplay of the advertisement. Therefore, you will need to create the ads simpler as it will be easier for users to learn more about your game interface, and it might lead them to download the app on their device.

Recent experiments have shown that users are likely to engage in gameplay, which is much easier to understand and enjoyable. Therefore, designing the demo of your whole should contain the main preview of the application. The main objective is to reduce the level of unnecessary elements of visual effects. Making a clear option for the call to action will help you improve the engagement level. If you focus on the statistics, it can increase the play rate over 700% max, whereas ecpm can be increased to 140%.

  • Analyze The Metrics

When you use mobile playable ads, it gives the developers flexibility to find out the hurdle that keeps customers from getting the best play experience. For example, if users are taking too much to begin the gaming experience, that means gameplay is more complex or complicated for users to understand the instructions. You can learn many things from the metrics that will help you take several actions to improve your playable ads to increase play rates, funnel stages, interactions. Thus, you can quickly improve your game and advertisement effectively. 

  • Target The Audience And Find Users Who Are Interested In Engaging 

Like every business application or mobile game, playable ads will also have a niche to help users understand your playable ads’ prime objective. Moreover, you will need to make sure that you target the potential audience; for instance, if you want to target iphone users, you have to make sure that your game is available on the Apple platform and ready to get downloaded.

You should also consider that players from different areas will favor the game genre, and advertising your playables over that particular area will increase the conversion rate. Tests and experiments have shown that playable ad campaigns with short and simple gameplay perform exceptionally well. Thus, you should remember that optimizing the campaign more often will target the right player who will be interested in your gameplay.

  • Create A Top-Notch Experience

It is one of the critical parts of optimizing your playable ads because you will have to sum up your game’s main niche in a time of 30 seconds ad. Therefore, developers will have enough time to explain their game niche. And If you cannot explain the main objective in your playable ad units, you probably need to cut out unnecessary elements of the video to make it simple and short.

It would be great for you to focus on the core gameplay while showcasing the game’s real benefits in the shortest way possible. It will help you retain the users on your ads for a longer period and increase your conversion rates. 

The methods mentioned above can reduce the level of cost per click and increase the level of engagement while optimizing the advertisement.