Playable ads are getting popular in the sector of social media marketing very rapidly. Its popularity is increasing with every passing second due to its attractive features. It makes it necessary for every advertiser to master the skills of creating a proficient playable ad. There are some points which an advertiser must keep in mind while creating a playable ads.

  • Try To Make It As Concise As Possible

It is quite an elementary trick but is very important. Don’t try to cover your entire product in one ad. Firstly user will no be able to get a crystal clear idea about the product. Secondly, too many details in the plot will make users feel sleepy. It can make your ad looks boring. It can decrease the engagement of traffic on your app.

What you can do is try to add influential taglines in the playable ads. You can also try to make short key points that explain the prime features of your product.

  • Keep It Raw And Real

Playable ads can be portrayed in a very fancy way. Also, the number of software available to cherish your ad keeps on coming every single day. So people usually make ads too fancy making them look a little peculiar. Try to stick to a limited number of softwares and try to keep it as simple as possible to avert this.

  • Checking The Functionality Properly

As you know, playable ads have this beautiful feature of containing action buttons. These buttons can be used to play the video, installation links to the website, etc. It is important to ensure that these buttons are properly working. It is necessary to do so as it saves the little effort of downloading it from the play store.

It’s a small thing but matters for many numbers of users. Proper functionality of these buttons can increase the volume of traffic in your app.

  • Keep Trying Your Hands On New Tools

The market is bombarded with new tools every day. You don’t need to buy all of them. But there are many good tools. So save yourself from staying exempting using a new tool that can make playable ads better. You must stay updated about what kind of tools are coming to market.

It frequently happens that many ad makers do not stay aware of new tools. It makes them lose a lot of clients. This happens because clients usually prefer the latest tools.

  • Observe Those Who Are At The Top Of The Game

It is not confined to only the field of ad making only. You can apply in any sphere. Check what kind of basic elements they employ in their ads. The type of animation and colour they use. Their video quality and speed of transition of slides, the software they use to try to figure out all minor details.

  • Making Ad’s Compatible With All Platforms

Try to make ads that are compatible with all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It happens many times that some ads are compatible with Facebook but does not run on Instagram. Making such ads can waste a lot of money and time. It is because both of these platforms are equally important for advertising.

Why Playable Ads Are In Trend

Playable ads are in trend due o their interactive design, engaging animation effects. It makes it more appealing to the user. It fits the screen’s size like mobile playable ads, which completely fits the size of the screen. It makes the user visualize the product before actually using it. It can help to determine the target audience properly. It happens in this way. Whenever the user clicks on any of the playables of his news feed, it will get registered in the platform’s database.

The algorithm is designed so that if a user remains engaged with the ad for a long time. Then from next time, a product of that genre will be displayed more often than other products. It is also considered that it is suitable for gaming ads only. It’s a complete myth. It can be used for any sort of ads. All you have to do is create the plot accordingly.


Playable ad units are the future of the ad industry. Their interactive nature can keep users engaged and increase the volume of traffic. These ads are easy to make and also not much costly if done properly. Another thing to keep in mind is to use suitable software.