The traditional way of advertising, the banner ads, isn’t gone yet, but the conversion numbers of playable ads are far more significant than any other advertising method. The professionals all around the world think that this is the most effective ad format. 

It is clear that users who test-drive the game in the ads before downloading are the right long-term kind of customers industries look for. So what are the qualities that this digital form of ads requires for the user to tap? Here are some tips for you to make a tremendous playable ad.

Keep the ad fun and simple

Simple the gameplay mechanism more extraordinary the experience. And it should be enjoyable as well as engaging for the user. The gameplay should be comfortable and not very complicated. Don’t try to teach the users how to play the game and even if there are steps essential to understand the gameplay, then make them not take more than 3 seconds. 

Make use of the visual language

Make the gameplay with visuals cues and iconography but don’t use texts that can be understood by people all over the world. It should be apparent to the user what action or step you want them to take. It gets easy for the user to play if they understand the rules quickly. Like an image of a hand graphically motioning or a swipe arrow asking the users to tap the screen helps users understand the gameplay.

Don’t mislead the users

Playables that show the actual game are less prone to getting uninstalled. You would have seen many of these ads where gameplay in the ad is different and you playing through ad decide to download the game based on the ad, but when you start playing it and finds that the actual game is different from the one in the ad. It is always possible you will delete the game immediately. The same happens with every user, and this spreads negative word out in the market.

Showing the best part is a great choice

Make your users play an exciting and crucial stage of the game, and make sure the stage is reward giving. It is very exciting in the playable ad units to play the game and get rewards, and it makes users greedy for more rewards.

Don’t make the ad everlasting

Take the users into the middle of the battle as soon as possible so that they don’t leave out of impatience. A tutorial is fine but should not last long, avoid lengthy introductions or confuse them with choosing options. Start the fun right away.

Excite your users

Enthrall your users with 3d animations or video graphics they can’t look away from. Real-life sound effects and no background music leads to higher conversion.

Add your social credentials 

Surveys are proof in the case of mobile playable ads; five-star reviews or short testimonials increase the chances of conversion. But the details shall not cover the whole screen, making the ad annoying.

Start with a video 

Show a high-quality video in the context of the game before your users jump into your playable ads. Showing a video at the start helps the users engage with the ad; it is said that creative synergy in your media is the secret success formula.

Give the option to exit 

It is not harmful to put an option to exit the ad because having the option to exit the user feels in control, and the overall experience of the user remains positive.

End card

End your digital ad with an end card that is a link where the user has the option to download or land on your website. Usually, if somebody has seen the whole of the ad, that means the player is interested enough to use your product. 

Having a link in the end always helps, so that user doesn’t have to bother finding your product and leave the idea of using your product in the process.

There is no denying that the future of advertising is playable ads; gamers created these, but now that they’ve tested the format and found it profiting, other media industries have also started testing these types of ads. And the day is not far when every business will opt to advertise their products with this new method because of the efficiency, and I am sure you will find the points mentioned very useful and helpful.