Advertising is becoming a vital part of every mobile game and whether you personally approve of it or not. After all, it is one of the billion-dollar industries, and if you are going to use a mobile ad for advertising your mobile application, you must do it well.

Moreover, mobile game ads should be well-structure with high-quality pixels to make sure it grabs the attention of the users and maintains a healthy budget with your finances. Before we begin to learn about mobile game ad formats, you should know what kind of audience you are going to target and your business’s objective.

Whether you want to drive the customer to your site, increase the conversion rate, and reduce the cost of pay per click, or anything that helps your business achieve their goals. Once you have fixed your goals, you need to choose the perfect format for your mobile game ads. Without further ado, let us look at the details of different formats of mobile ads used to promote mobile games. 

Ads In F2P Versus Freemium Model

First, you need to understand the difference between how ads are processed in a free to play games versus freemium models. It is a fact that every mobile game will include some types of advertising, whether you are making use of free to play games model (includes every type of advertisements that are specially designed and target a specific audience) whereas the freemium model will focus on insist on upgrading the version of the application that the users are playing at the first place.

However, the users will accept both kinds of advertisements, but both will impact the audience. One will disturb the audience between their gameplay that will make them upgrade the application sooner, whereas the other will fill the game with excessive ads that will have a negative impact on the users, which can result in uninstalled and drop, even after the users like the concept of the ads. 

Static Versus Dynamic 

There are two essential categories that are featured in in-game advertisements that are dynamic and static. Static advertisements are used during the game development, like placement ads; these advertisements cannot be upgraded in real-time, while dynamic advertisements are in the form of banners and billboards featured throughout the gameplay.

Moreover, dynamic ads show the benefits of live advertising that we see almost everywhere, like on websites, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, and many more. These advertisements are used daily and spread over the mobile gaming world because they are easy to update, flexible to change anytime, and popular among advertisers and developers. In simple terms, dynamic ads tech will involve banners of different shapes and sizes, expandable ads, interstitials, and many more.

Thus, this type of ad is more likely to be seen in every game, and you are also going to use it in your games. However, static advertisements are relatively less common these days because It lacks grabbing the users’ attention, such as billboards featured in between the games. These ads will look like a real advertisement in the game and are quite sometimes useful to provide users with an experience of real-life advertisements.

Interstitial Ads 

Interstitial ads are among the best ads format that is best for games, broken down at various levels. Experts have analyzed that since everyone will have to take some natural breaks between the game, players work their way to level up the game.

In this natural pause, interstitial ads take full advantage of small pauses between the gameplay without interrupting the users’ gaming experience. However, it provides a larger and whole screen experience to make a compelling visual effect on users’ minds. Advertisers can use animated and interactive content that will help them yield higher conversion rates, stronger impressions, and offers a reasonable memorization rate. 

While creating an interstitial ad, your content will require more design work, and if you notice high CTR, it could be the result of players trying to close the ad in various attempts to shut it down. Thus, it does not matter to advertisers because it is increasing their revenue and generating leads.

Therefore, you should use interstitials in the best way possible to feature them in between the natural pauses of gameplay, and it would be great for you to avoid making fake game ads to prevent a negative impact on the users. 

The information mentioned above is regarding different ad formats of mobile game ads that you should consider before making one for you.