An advertisement has changed the world in terms of the growth of a business. Ads are in trend for a long time. It is evolving as time passes. In today’s life, the advertisement can also be seen on mobile phones, called mobile ads. And if those associated with gaming can be termed as mobile game ads.

These ads can be classified into different categories like playable ads, rewarded video ads, offerwall ads, and interstitial ads. All such types will be argued with elaboration in the following section. These are developed by a business organization holding a specific platform to promote the product and maintain its financial calendar

 Due to the coronavirus’s global pandemic, people show their uncountable love for games and started to play different games that are available on the internet and can be played on mobiles. It created a golden opportunity for the gaming developer agencies to get a big crowd on their platform and encourage them to play their games. And all of this is possible because of game ads shown to the user on their smartphones.

Various types of gaming advertisement

Ads are created and shown to people by different methods in older times. But in preset life, digital ads are most used than any other form of advertising. And these ads are of different types, which are discussed broadly in the under beneath section.

  • Playable ads

Playable ads are the most used type of mobile game ads at present. In simple words, these can be called video ads with the capability of producing a short game. Such advertisements are about 15-60 seconds in duration and shown to the players while using any other application on their mobile phones. First of all, a short video is displayed on the screen and will provide a brief description of the content.

And when the video ends, a demo version of the game is shown to the players. That can be played by the user just by given instructions and tapping on the screen. The most crucial key point about playables is that they do not get installed on the user’s device, and the player can play such a short pastime. And if the person likes the content, they are provided with the link to the official website.

On the authenticated web portal, a person will get to know about the downloading instructions and download the content’s whole file. After completing the download, people can install those applications on their device, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. After installing the application, a player is all way ready to enjoy the whole game without any disturbance. One will only need an internet connection for all such procedures.

  • Rewarded video ads

As the name suggests, reward; which will give some rewards after watching the advertisement. If you ever played an online game, there is a rewards section or gifts section. By clicking that area, a video ad will play, which is 10-30 seconds, and at the end of the video, a reward-related to the gameplay is given to the player.

Here, the reward does not relate to money as no advertisement will give a penny to watching gaming ads. Rewards video ads content is always related to that specific game like game-related themes, attires, equipment, skins, and many more. If it shows any content in the advertisement, it may be fake game ads or a tempered ad that can exhaust one’s private information. Everyone is advised to stay away from such content.

  • Offerwall ads

These are digital mobile game ads, but different forms of playable and reward video ads. These ads are non-movable and appear on the screen of the player for 5-10 seconds. Such ads contain a list of some applications which may be free or paid. And ask the customer to download those apps on their device.

In return for this, the players are rewarded with some points or coins that can be used for online shopping or converted into cash and transferable to the person’s bank account. If a person does not want to download another application, they can click on the cancel button, and the offerwall will disappear from their mobile screen.

  • Interstitial ads

These advertisements cover the whole interface of the host app on the smartphone’s screen of the user. Such ads are displayed at the time of in-build transition of the phone and suddenly pop-up. These ads engage the players very smartly. Sometimes these are considered fake game ads.

So these are the different types of mobile game advertisements with an elaborated description.