There are two ways of using Gamification. The first way is to adapt the gameplay of a computer-based video game into everyday life. What happens in games is people get excited to play, and the rewards offered motivates them to play more. People are entertained through video games. These engagement levels and entertainment values provide the essential motivation to the users to complete tasks that seem boring to ordinary people, such as studying. Another gamification def states that using video game elements to give non-games more entertainment values is the act of using video game elements.

Below are some benefits of Gamification:

It helps in cognitive development.

Gamification solution helps in adolescents’ cognitive development and enables the increase in parts of the brain, allowing adequate development. And these games, which are made explicitly for enhancing cognitive development, are called brain games. Brain games help improve the rate of processing of your brain and maintain information for a longer time.

Also, help in physical development.

You must agree with me that exercising develops you physically; it’s the same when you are exercising with an interactive game; it is equally effective. And it is very beneficial in adolescents that enjoy playing video games but are not active in the real world. Being active is essential and has long-term benefits.

Gamification increases engagement in classrooms.

Scientists organized a survey to understand and measure students’ level of engagement when the gamification technique is used in the classrooms. The researchers offered points to the students engaged in daily class activities. And they observed the engagement of the students and measured it. Upon completing the study, it was revealed that a game-like atmosphere was appreciated and much more favourable in the classroom. Due to Gamification, productivity was also increased.

It increases accessibility in classrooms.

When a gamification solution is implemented correctly, the strategies and methods yield tremendous benefits in the education department. It helps in cognitive development, compels students to complete homework. The Gamification achieve these possibilities because it meets the basic factors, which include:

· It challenges the students

· Helps in teaching students

· Also entertains students

· Its primary focus is on students

It is such a tool that helps in educating adolescents of all needs. Scientists performed an experiment and studied the method’s effectiveness in the form of a video game, and the experiment was performed on children diagnosed with autism. The results showed that Gamification was effective in teaching students.

Motivates students to participate

You know the feeling when your adrenaline secrets and you are competing with your friends, family, and colleagues. The rush you feel while competing and upon winning is incredible in all forms. That is why video games became so popular because they provided people with a rush. 

You will often find students in the classrooms asking, ‘what’s the point of all this?’. That’s where Gamification comes into play, and you can employ incentivization, competition among the students, and it becomes a quest of victory. All these practices are Gamification practices and have proven tremendously useful in improving students’ engagement and participation in classroom activities.

This method is not limited to classrooms.

This method of Gamification is not limited to just classrooms but can also be applied outside the classrooms. For example, you can break up the homework of children lets take Maths subjects to break the homework into sections. When the student will complete the homework and pass the first section, leave a hint for a riddle game; this way student will be compelled to complete the sections and level up at each section to get hints which will be required to solve the riddle. 

Gamification solution has become a jargon rather than something of an essential term which should be regularly used taken into practice. There is an unlimited number of benefits of Gamification that help the students and enhance their learning abilities at every education level. Hopefully, the day will come soon enough when the term gamification will no longer be jargon and become a common term used in schools and classrooms and change the system of education all around the world.

Gamification has the power to revolutionize the world as it solves the problems of every field, whether it is the science department or health or business and anything you can imagine. So, it is clear now that Gamification’s method holds power to solve problems from business problems to any problem and bring a change in the world.