Have you ever think, what if your tedious office work turns into fantastic game like stuff? Yes, this can be possible with a Gamification solution. These are the software which will make the office tasks more straightforward and more comfortable to do with fun. However, many agencies are using this technique to develop their business all across the globe. This platform will produce an interface for the company’s employees, and they will get all information regarding their job and daily task.

Moreover, it builds a game-like experience for the workers. According to the recent reports, it is observed that an organization using gamified software is very much able to satisfy its staff members and clients, and growth in their business is seen at an extraordinary rate. Every service and assistance offered by the Gamification is thoroughly chatted in the upcoming section.

Characteristics of gamification platform

A wide variety of characteristics are discussed with elaboration in the downward segment.

  • Progress/development bar

As Gamification def as the software that provides assistance to the company, employee, and customers to build a strong relationship and co-ordination among them and uses the concept of a game, it offers the non-gaming functions in perspective. For example, a project is done in several small parts. Completing every part results in the project’s finishing point, and finishing a task will comprise progress on the progress bar.

A project is divided into five tasks, and if one task is complete, it shows 20 percent progress in the development bar. This feature helps the employee finish a job in the required time and their work growth concerning time. A progress bar can be used in many manners like doing an assignment, learning chore, consumer growth, and business development. The evolution line gives numerical data about the learning of the job and the progress of the chore. This helps in the development of the skills in the employee as well.

  • Achievements and rewards

Like playing a game and completing the game levels, a player will receive some gift points and awards in opposites of the task, which encourage a player to do more levels of the game with higher dedication and concentration. The same thing can be done with assistance from a Gamification solution. This platform will modify the staff member treatment rules of a company and help them build such an environment in which a worker will receive some loyalty points and gift points or rewards after completing the work.

And bigger and faster the work is done, the larger will be the reward and achievement awards received by the employee. These can also be received on a daily and weekly basis. And these are very useful to stick the workers to the job and put their best efforts out of them and encourage them to do a high-class job for the company, resulting in the perfect end for organization and more significant promotion for the staff member. Overall results are seen in the sale of the product and services and the engagement of the customers.

  • In-app money

As discussed in the previous subsection about the rewards and the bonus points, one can convert such points or coins into real-life money and this can be a source of earning some extra money along with the salary. It is a critical element in making an employee loyal and hard-working towards its duties. Most workers work for the money, and if they are getting some added money in terms of points or rewards, they will put more effort into doing future tasks with higher dedication.

  • Rank table

Gamification solution provides a rank table in the software, which ranks a staff member according to their work and dedication to the company. The most hard-working employee will get the top rank on the table and be appreciated by the organization’s authorities, and motivate other workers to add more sweat in their job to achieve the first rank on the list. The top performer will also receive more gifts and presents from the company. A rank can be given at the office level, state level, or at the country level.

It does not produce shame in the worker but motivates them to become stronger. The top performers will help the organization to grab the attention of the audience. To sell, their product is at an exceptional rate, and this method finally results in the growth of the business and a better relationship among employees and the organization.

So in these ways, gamification software will help the business achieve phenomenal growth in sales and development of the company.