As all know, a business can be operated through many platforms like mobile phones, laptops, offices, and various communication methods where an employee gets the information regarding the task and guide for completion of a task. So maintenance of such process is done by Gamification solution. And the various method of doing a business is called trends. So here, all many trends regarding the gamified system are discussed in the upcoming section.

This system will create a game like a framework in its application and all the working as a game. It is seen that workers enjoy such types of methods and produce their efforts in achieving the badges and reputation on the company account on an online basis. Gamification is for all types of businesses, and in the present life, most online businesses are using this way to engage their employee and clients.

Trends in the gamified software

Various types of trends are broadly discussed in the section under beneath.

  • Smartphones trend

Smartphones have overtaken over lives, and 99 percent of the employees carry a mobile device and use it somewhere to complete their daily tasks. And after the introduction of COVID-19 in the world, many companies send their employees the work from home. It is dangerous to the health of the person if they work in a pandemic environment. For the daily assignment instruction, a mail or message is sent to the employee’s mobile. They are allowed to do the entire job within a specific duration of time and submit the report back to the company’s mobile application.

Here Gamification solution helps the employee get a daily badge or a gift after completing a job. This will build a feeling of happiness in the heart of staff and push their efforts to do more tasks as fast as possible without negotiating its quality. When a staff member submits the assignment to the organization, some gift points are added to their account on the application, and they can see their rank on the leaderboard and compare them to the other staff’s working. 

  • Social interaction

Social interaction means communication with the public and new clients for selling the product or services by a company. For example, the pharmaceutical company’s sales staff will always try to add new customers or clients who would buy the medicinal product from them. And this all can only be possible through communication. And for making a communication, many ways are used as a physical meeting, social meeting, calling and many more. Gamification solution offers a window where a worker can upload their work’s daily data, and the software calculates the overall result.

This software also provides a guideline about increasing the rank by adding minimum clients a day or selling a quantity of the product a day by a staff member. Based on interaction, the automated software or application will produce a result on the leadership board and sent the badges and presents to the employee. Moreover, gifts received by performing tasks can be cashed in at any time or added to the workers’ monthly salary.

  • Artificial intelligence support

Gamification def means establishing a more comfortable working environment for the employee to perform their task magnificently with ease. It can be related to the game mechanics but, in contrast, follows the non-gaming way to increase the audience’s engagement and increase the performance of the staff members of a company.

Gamification solutions (GS) are based on artificial intelligence (AI) program, which will provide the work’s automated assignment and made the task assigning easy for the company. An agency can use this method as such, and it will also save time, and every business knows time is money, and in the future, it will be very profitable. When tasks are completed and uploaded by the employees, the gamified software’s AI system gives the appreciation note and badges, and gifts to the worker.

AI system is purely based on the algorithms and does all the calculations for its growth in a few seconds. Daily assignment and completion report is also generated by such software. On the other hand, this also works as health care for the staff members and guides them about the working hours and resting period. Healthy employees generate a profitable result for the organization.

So these are the trends of the gamification application. A company worker can use such a platform to establish their growth and help their agency to make a good profit by their services.