With billions of players out there, using gaming platforms for advertising is one of the creative and effective channels to advertise your product. However, only one thing keeps most game developers to introduce new features and interface in the gameplay is not knowing how to use different types of in-game advertisements to increase the engagement and retention level of the users.

Most videos integrated into the gameplay are strictly coded to focus on the features or product’s main niche. But once you learn how to use different types of mobile game ads in your gameplay, it will increase the level of engagement and improve the in-app purchase and help you earn more revenue from the advertisements. The best part about in-game ads is that it does not affect the users’ gaming experience as each ad is featured during natural pauses, and users do not mind watching the ads during their gameplay.

However, you have to make sure that your ad does not kick the users out of the gameplay in case they accidentally or intentionally clicked on the advertisement because it can have a negative impact on the users’ experience. Without further ado, let us talk about the different types of mobile game ads and how you can use them to enhance user satisfaction. 

  • Rewarded Video Advertisements

First on the list is a rewarded video ad; these ads provide users with a great value of exchange that the user must watch an advertisement video and, in return, get a reward. Statistics have shown that consumers are opting to watch the in-game advertisement to earn more rewards to use it in purchasing other goods offered in the game.

Therefore, you need to create rewarding advertisements to engage more users and show what more users can do with your game application. It also helps in boosting in-app purchases because users will be more thrilled to buy the new goods that are offered in the games to improve their gameplay. It will also encourage users to come back every day to win more rewards and continue their gameplay. Moreover, you should use an ad blocker to prevent fake game ads in between the gameplay. 

  • Interstitial Advertisements 

Interstitial ads are those advertisements that are displayed to users during natural pauses so that it does not affect the users’ gaming experience. Moreover, interstitial ads help in advertising new features to your users, even without disturbing the users’ gaming experience. Interstitial video ads are popular advertising gaming apps and others that show marked transitions. Thus, you have to use those small pauses to integrate your ads, and users do not mind to watch.

Most interstitial ads are straightforward and simpler in the game. If you want to increase in-app purchases, then using the interstitials ads will help you grab the users’ attention and might drive them to purchase new goods in the game. However, if your advertisement drives customers out of the application or game, then you should include a friendly warning so that it does not affect the gaming experience of the user. In case they intentionally or accidentally clicked on the ad, and the advertisement kicks them out of the game, it will impact the user’s experience. 

  • Playable Ads 

Playable advertisement helps users get experienced to try before you buy, which will provide you with insight into the gameplay. Moreover, these ads are a small demo of your game and help users experience the gameplay’s interface before they even think about installing the game. Thus, it is one of the greatest ways to advertise your game because they are enjoyable, provide an excellent experience to the users, and help drive higher ecpms in the industry.

It also helps in encouraging potential users to install your game and provide the main niche of your gameplay. Therefore, you must show your main gameplay in the minimum possible time to grab the attention and allow users to try the game. 

  • Offerwall

Offerwall is like a mini-app store in your game application, which includes a number of tasks that the users have to complete in order to receive various rewards. Moreover, it helps developers increase the users’ length and help them get higher ecpms. These ads are user-centric, which helps engage them in the gameplay and improve the level of ecpms. Most developers make use of advanced ads tech to integrate their app in the game. 

Thus, you can use the types mentioned above of mobile game ads to promote your game and drive users to download your game.