Developing an outstanding mobile game advertisement is one thing but generating money out of it is difficult. There are plenty of monetization tactics present on the internet, but only some work in 2020. However, it does not matter how compelling your mobile game is, but earning money is something that every game developer should learn and maximize their earning through mobile in-app advertisements and mobile game ads. 

If you want to increase your game revenue, you will need to adapt specific trends to enhance the chances of earning big by using different monetizing strategies. Therefore, to assist you here, you will find top game monetizing strategies that will help in increasing the level of revenue if these strategies are used right. Without further delay, let us dive deep into those top strategies and learn how you can make more money from your mobile game. 

  • In-Game Advertisement 

One of the major strategies to monetize your game is using in-app ads, and it has proven to be the most effective strategy for game developers. It helps developers earn revenue by advertising the gameplay’s ads while gamer plays their game for free. Moreover, advertisers are eager to show their ads during the gameplay and attract more users.

Statistics have shown that half of the users will remember the advertisement displayed in between the gameplay. It is also discovered that 50% of the users find mobile game ads more visually pleasing. These days, you will have to focus more on user experience because users do not like those ads, which interrupt them from their gameplay or kick them out of the gameplay.

Therefore, every game developer has to focus on developing a quality advertisement and create a proper balance between the number of advertisements and their quality. And they are making use of as mediation will help you monetize your revenues. 

  • Mobile Ad Mediation 

Mobile ad mediation is considered the most effective monetizing technique used between the game, and it helps mobile game developers to earn more advertisement revenue. Moreover, ad mediation technology has been increased over the past few years, and every developer uses it. It would be great for you to focus on mobile ad mediation as you will have to work with multiple ad networks, and at some point, it will be difficult for you to track and manage them effectively.

This is the point where mobile ad mediation comes into play. The mobile ad mediation platform enables you to add more ad networks and manage them effectively in one place. Moreover, you will need only one SDK for integrating all networks instead of creating SDKs for every ad network. 

  • Data Monetization 

Data monetization is among good alternatives to advertisements in games because it works well in the gameplay with a large number of active audiences. Data monetization means the collection and transfer of information from a mobile game application to an information collector. Most of the time, information collectors are marketers, advertisers, and other companies that use the information to target advertisements according to the user’s interest and other details.

Not to mention that data monetizing does not mean a collection of personal data; these data are only related to your non-personal data like country, device type, and screen size. Moreover, it is similar to ad mediations, and the more you connect with data collectors, the more income you will generate. Some intermediaries enable data collection via a single SDK instead of using ad mediation.

The process will continue because more and more users will connect with the game daily, the more you will have data monetization. You should make use of the latest ads tech to collect the information quickly. 

  • In-App Purchase 

If your app or game has an insane fan base and developed the foundation of your application in the industry, it will make sense for players to pay for your in-app goods to improve their gameplay. However, if you have just started your game and using a paid game application will not work. But it does not mean that you cannot monetize your application.

If you consider making your app free to download and still looking to make more money out of it, you should include the features of in-app purchases because it will help you drive more revenue from the mobile app. It will allow users to play the game for free, and some users may get interested in purchasing the goods that are offered in the game. It would be great for you to avoid fake game ads because it can have a negative impact on the users. 

Thus, the strategies mentioned above will help you earn more revenue if you used them in the right way.