When it comes to grabbing the attention of the users without impacting their gaming experience, most game developers make use of interstitial advertisements to promote or introduce new features or benefits of in-app goods. Moreover, these types of mobile game ads are used in natural pauses to keep users engaged with the gameplay for a more extended period and deliver higher ecpms.

Thus, it is considered an interactive way to compel users to upgrade their app or buy some goods offered in the game. It will help game developers to increase their revenue and enhance the interface of the gameplay. Moreover, these advertisements are displayed in such a time where users do not mind watching because they also need some break from their gameplay.

Therefore, it is essential for you to make the most out of those small pauses, and advertising your ad in that minimum possible time will attract more users to try out the new feature or update the mobile app sooner. It is necessary for you to make your interstitial ads more useful to impact the users positively. To help you make the most out of your mobile game ads, you will find information related to the top practices that will help you optimize your interstitial ads’ performance. Without further delay, let us focus on the top practices to improve your interstitial ads’ performance. 

  • Use Natural Pauses 

Most developers advertise their interstitial ads during the natural pauses because it increases the user’s memory impact without disturbing the users’ gaming experience. Since natural pauses allow users to engage with the gameplay ads and don’t mind watching the video, they also need a break from the gameplay. Therefore, it helps in keeping the users engaged with the gameplay. If you consider this practice, it will increase your interstitial ads’ performance and deliver higher ecpms.

You can use these ads in pause menus, level completions, and loading screens. It would be great for you to use your mobile game ads between those small natural pauses, and it will increase the level of engagement of users. It will also retain the users to come back every day to win existing rewards. However, make sure that you use an ad blocker to prevent the chances of fake game ads as it will reduce the level of user satisfaction. 

  • A And B Testing Your Interstitials Ads Placements 

As we all know, timing is everything; it is essential for you to carry out A/B testing to find the optimal time for placing the ad in the app’s funnel. You can make use of ads tech to measure the KPI of the users includes session length, retention, ads clicked, ads are shown per player, CTR among users, ads clicked, and comparing the information related to every KPI to learn more about the timing of placing your interstitial ads in the app.

Thus, testing will help you in learning the perfect timing to advertise your ads by seeing the interacting history of the users with the gameplay. Suppose you want to increase the performance of your ads, which drives more ecpms. In that case, you should consider testing your placement in the gameplay while considering it does not affect the users’ gaming experience. It does not kick the users out of the gameplay even after they have accidentally or intentionally touched the ad. 

  • Limit The Frequency 

Displaying plenty of interstitial ads between the gameplay in a short time can create a lower user experience and result in poor retention, bad reviews, and fewer impressions. That’s why it is essential to limit the frequency of advertising your interstitial ads by measuring the users’ ratio of time and impression. If you want your ad to be more effective, you will need to make sure that your ad frequency is limited because limited ads mean users will engage more in the gameplay and enhance their gameplay.

Therefore, limited ads in your gameplay will improve the user experience of the gamers and make it look more appealing to the user. The best part about limiting the ad frequency is that users will be interested in watching the video and learning more about the gameplay’s different features. It would be great for you to make the interstitial video more interactive and reduce unnecessary information from the video to provide quality details to the users. 

Thus, using the practices mentioned above will help you improve your interstitial ads’ performance and drive more users.