The interstitial mobile advertisement refers to those advertisements delivered in the natural pause of the gameplay, ensuring minimum disruption to the player experience. Moreover, interstitials help engage users with compelling, customizable, and rich mobile game ads while maximizing revenue. It does not interrupt the user experience because these ads are featured in the natural breaks where the user doesn’t mind watching or engage with the advertisement.

Interstitial advertisements are displayed on the full-screen that provide the users with the option of skipping and existing the ads whenever they want. Therefore, developers need to make the most out of those small pauses where the user engagement level is higher. Developers can advertise highly engaging ad units through interstitial ads in their gameplay.

Surprisingly, these ads are not always static, which means they hold a great degree of engaging ad units that players enjoy during small pauses, and it ranges from standard interstitial video ads to compelling interstitials like playables. Most time, developers struggle to increase their revenue from interstitial ads because plenty of users in the gameplay are non-paying players, and encouraging them to try out the latest features or goods in the game through mobile game ads is quite a challenging task.

Therefore, if you want to increase your ecpms, you have to target the right audience, and making the interstitial ads more compelling will drive higher engagement and drive higher ecpms. Without further ado, let us look at the top tips that will help you increase revenue earn from interstitial ads.

  • Enhance Your Interstitial Ads Revenue

Timing is everything; implementing interstitial mobile game ads at the right time will increase the level of user engagement. Developers should use video and playable interstitials game ads to help them reach $10-$25 ecpms by featuring it in one country. However, the average earnings from interstitial ads might range from $5-$8.

It would be great for you to understand users’ behavior to determine the right time for advertising your ads because the ads should not interrupt the gaming experience of the users. While making an attractive and exciting interstitial ad will compel users to engage with the ads and might lead them to click on the ads or drive them to your potential site.

Moreover, you will also need to make sure that your interstitial ads do not kick the users out of the gameplay because it will have a negative impact on the users’ experience. Giving a fair warning before kicking out of the game will improve the gaming experience of the players.

  • Interstitial Vs. Rewarded Video

Have you ever heard about rewarded interstitial ads? Delivering your game users with interstitial ads and rewarding them with in-gameplay currency. It is considered one of the best ways to increase users’ ad experience. Because it gives users the opportunity to earn more in-game currency, which they can use in purchasing in-game goods to improve their gameplay, another great thing about rewarding ads is that it increases the engagement level of users and inform them about the new goods available in the in-game store or any update related information.

  • Monetizing All Non-Paying Users

It is a factual truth for developers that not every non-paying player will engage with the rewarded ads, which makes it challenging for them to monetize. Thus, it would be great to divide users into segments to discover which ones are not engaging with rewarded advertisements and deliver them interstitials ads.

Moreover, you can use advanced ads tech to develop your interstitial advertisement to incorporate more compelling content in the advertisement to make users watch the full ad, and it will help you increase your revenue from interstitials ads. Thus, you will be able to earn more revenue even from non-paying users without interrupting the game. 

  • Banners Vs. Interstitial Ads

When you compare banner ads with interstitial ads, interstitials are likely to generate more revenue for developers and provide improved user experiences. However, when it comes to developing interstitials ads, most developers use both static and video interstitial ad units to monetize revenue from their users.

Developers should consider using the ad blocker to prevent fake game ads from interrupting the users’ gaming experience. However, banner ads are featured between the gameplay where the user may not notice, hence reduces the impact of advertisement on the user, but when you make use of interstitial ads, it includes interactive ad units which compel players to engage and learn more about the game. 

This way, you can quickly increase your revenue using interstitial ads between the game.