When it comes to making revenue from your game, you need to consider different forms of advertising, which enhances the user’s overall experience. One such mobile game ads are offerwall, which enables you to keep the player engaged with the gameplay for a longer period. But first, you should know what offerwall advertisements are? It is an in-app advertisement that developers use to earn revenue from their game.

Moreover, it acts like a small store that provides users with multiple offers to complete the offer to receive in-game currency or rewards. For instance, users can earn more rewards if they connect their social media account with the game, and it can result in users making an in-app purchase from the store and clearing a list of the offers listed on the offerwall. The best part about offerwall is that it is completely user-oriented, which means users have the complete the offers whenever they want, but users should ensure that every offer will remain active for 24 hours or depending on the developer.

Moreover, users can easily access the offerwall advertisement by clicking on the traffic drivers or other offers related options displayed somewhere in the game. Users are encouraged to engage with the offerwall when they are low on in-game currency and looking for a way to reach the next level of their game. Offerwall has considered an excellent mobile monetization strategy for developers to make revenue. Without further ado, let us look at the benefits of using offerwall mobile game ads in your game.

  • Boost Advertisement Revenue

Offerwall can tremendously increase the level of revenue in your app or game because they deliver a significant number of ecpms for app developers. Due to the increased level of android users, it is recorded that offerwall can deliver ecpms more than $940 because advertisers are willing to pay more for quality users and deep events.

Thus, developers should enlist appealing and somewhat easy offers to make it easier for users to win more in-game currency. Users can review the offers in the traffic driver featured somewhere in the gameplay. Developers can increase the amount of revenue from using offerwall mobile game ads in their games.

  • Enhance User Experience

The offerwall advertisement is completely consumer-oriented, meaning users have the flexibility to choose whether they want to engage with the offers or not. Moreover, offerwall advertisements do not interrupt the gaming experience of the users or disrupt the app flow. Indeed, these advertisements provide users with access to the premium content or useful in the game without needing to pay, hence increasing users’ experience.

Developers must use the latest ads tech to develop their offerwall advertisement and increase the players’ engagement level. Moreover, users can visit the traffic driver in the game anytime and explore different offers, as each offer will provide various rewards, and the user can choose any offer to win more credits after completing the offer’s terms and conditions.

  • Increase Retention Level

Offerwall mobile game ads can increase users’ retention level because when users engage with particular offers, and make them play for a longer period. Thus, it results in excellent retention as well as engagement level rather than preventing them from continuing the gameplay once they are out of in-game currency. Moreover, every offer will include some premium goods of the game that will help in enhancing the game level of the users and encourage them to increase their gameplay. Statistics have shown that offerwall can increase retention level by 5-7 times or higher as compared to non-offerwall users.

Developers should incorporate a premium ad blocker to avoid fake game ads from disrupting the user’s gaming experience. Therefore, it will significantly increase users’ retention and help make more revenue from gaming advertisements. It also encourages users to come back every day to play the game using offers to win more in-game goods and currency.

  • Increases In-App Purchases

The offerwall is considered an excellent alternative for in-app purchases because it enables users to win premium game goods by completing the offers listed on the traffic driver. Moreover, offerwall encourages users to make an in-app purchase and enable them to taste the premium goods and features they are missing out on immensely, and after a while, they are more likely to make an in-app purchase to own some premium goods to increase the level of their gameplay and move forward in the game. Thus, owning premium goods make it easier for users to win more game and encourage them to make more in-app purchase.

Thus, these are the benefits of using offerwall advertisement in the game for developers.