Offerwall advertising is user-oriented advertisements, meaning users can decide whether they want to engage with offers listed on the offerwall or not. Moreover, it is like having a mini-store in the gameplay featuring premium goods of the gameplay, mostly available in the in-app purchase store. Thus, the criteria of offerwall advertisement are to keep the user engaged with the gameplay for a longer period and reward them with quality goods, which improves the gameplay of the users and encourages them to come back every day to avail reward from new offers.

It is true that offerwall is an incredible monetization strategy to increase the level of revenue for developers. Thus, they use interactive offerwall mobile game ads featured in the traffic driver, where users can explore all offers, see the progress, and claim rewards. And developers keep updating the list of offers to keep the gameplay enjoyable for the users to enhance the gaming experience. Another great thing about offerwall advertisement is that it does not interrupt the gameplay of the users, meaning neither it kick out the users from the gameplay nor it disrupts the gaming experience.

Whenever users want to earn more in-game currency or take up new challenges, they can visit the traffic driver to explore the available offers and win more premium goods. Developers use premium ads tech to make compelling offerwall ads to encourage users to take up different challenges and compete to earn in-game premium goods and improve the gameplay of the users. So, let us have a look at the details of how developers dominate users’ acquisition while making more revenue from the offerwall ads.

  • Cost-Effective User Acquisition At Scale

First and foremost, advertisers do not pay for numbers for installs; instead, they pay for the specific event in the gameplay, such as users reaching level 5 and earning more premium goods. Moreover, the CPE pricing model enables advertisers to purchase at scale cost-effectively and maximizing user acquisition by encouraging them to win more rewards after reaching new levels.

This way, developers of mobile game ads are able to make more revenue by maximizing the retention level of the users and boost the difficulty level of the game to challenge the gameplay of the users. Thus, whenever users reach a new level, they are rewarded with some premium goods, which will enhance the user’s gaming experience.

Moreover, players can see their progress in the offerwall menu and see the result of reaching the desired level. Once users know about what they will receive from the gameplay, they are thrilled to play the game for a longer period to win offerwall rewards.

  • Acquire Loyal Players

Offerwall offers are mostly used by users dedicated to progress in the game and remain compassionate about new offers listed on the offerwall. Moreover, not only this, users are also engaged in other forms of advertisements to get the most of the gameplay and increase their level of gameplay. Thus, users competing for the offerwall mobile game ads challenges are likely to play the game for a longer period.

Those users are considered loyal users because they come back every day to win more premium goods and excel in the gameplay. Thus, the gameplay also offers various rewards to loyal users. They contribute a lot of time to the gameplay and help developers make more money from the advertisement featured in the gameplay. The more user engagement with the gameplay, the more developer will be able to make more revenue.

  • Continue Generating Revenue

Users engaged with the offerwall tend to generate more revenue for the developers because it increases the user’s retention level and keeps them engaged with the gameplay for a more extended period. Offerwall is one of the best mobile game ads that encourage users to win more elite goods and get free in-game currency to enhance gameplay. It is recorded that users who are engaged with offerwall advertisements are more likely to make an in-app purchase because this form of advertising gives them a taste of how high-quality goods can improve the users’ gaming experience.

Eventually, users end up making an in-app purchase to test new goods offered in the gameplay. Developers should consider incorporating a premium ad blocker in the gameplay to ensure fake game ads do not interrupt users’ gaming experience. Thus, it will help in maximizing the retention of the users and give better payouts.

That’s how developers can maximize user acquisition and earn more revenue.