Rewarded video ads provide an exact exchange value to the users that they have to watch an in-game video or play an in-game video and receive compelling rewards in return. For instance, you can get rewards like in-game currency, premium goods, etc. Moreover, rewarded mobile game ads are excellent advertisement strategies for apps and games looking to increase revenue while enhancing the users’ gaming experience.

The best part about this form of advertisement is that it gives users the flexibility to choose whether they want to engage with the gameplay or not. If yes, they can opt for watching an in-app video ad and, in the end, will receive in-app rewards. It’s an excellent win-win-win for advertisers, developers, and users. Developers get benefits in increased ecpm rates while users enjoy the reward received in the gameplay advertisement, and the advertiser gets high click-through rates increased viewability.

Therefore, using rewarded advertisements in the gameplay will increase users’ engagement level and allow them to increase the gameplay by using the reward received after watching the gameplay. Without further ado, let us talk about the strategies that can help you in improving the performance of your rewarded mobile game ads. 

  • Add Lives And Extend Gameplay

It would be great for you to allow users to keep playing the game even after they have failed every time, and they are more likely to hit the watch button to continue their game. For instance, your advertisement can ask users to watch a video in place of extra lives when they are not left with any; thus, it will give them a second opportunity to change the game.

It will help them to progress to the next level that means once they have received a second opportunity, they will make every effort count by playing the game, and it will help in getting users’ retention and increase rewarded video advertisement revenue.

  • Provide Game Support

If users cannot figure out a way to pass the challenging level and unable to proceed forward, you can offer them the option of watching a video advertisement in exchange for a hint. All you need to do is place an icon of a small video in the game where users can see it all the time and tap the icon whenever they need help. This will increase the gaming experience of the users while generating revenue for developers. Helping users in the gameplay will benefit all developers, advertisers, and users.

  • Segment Your Users

Making separate segments for users would be a great option to monetize your game and divide them into two categories: loyal users who frequently play the game and other users who do not often open the app. Thus, it will help you target the quality users, and advertising your mobile game ads will keep them engaged with the gameplay and help you make more revenue.

Moreover, the rewards will encourage users to come back every day to participate in the gaming ads to win premium goods present in the game. You consider rewarding big to less encouraged users to tease them into playing the game again while giving the lower value of rewards to your loyal users. They are already making enough iaps and engaged in every gaming advertisement.

  • Boosts In-Game Purchases

Rewards of mobile game ads should be similar to one of the best in-app purchase goods to encourage users to watch the video and claim the reward. Moreover, advertisement developers use high-quality ads tech to create attractive and interactive rewarded ads so that users can enjoy the video and receive rewards at the end video.

Since every rewarded ad will be incorporated with the in-game store’s latest goods, users are likely to make an in-app purchase to increase the level of their gameplay. Moreover, users are used to making use of premium content of the game, and giving them the taste of premium goods will compel users to make an in-app purchase. It will help increase the gameplay of the users while giving you better returns from the advertisement featured in the game.

Moreover, making use of an ad blocker can help you make your game free from fake game ads and enable you to provide a better gameplay platform for the user. It will improve the users’ gaming experience and allow you to make more revenue out of it. So, make sure that you use rich media content to compel users to watch the video.

Thus, the strategies mentioned above will help you develop a better, rewarded advertisement for your game.