Rewarded video is one of the types of mobile game ads that offer an exact value of the exchange. Hence, users have to watch an in-game video ad to receive rewards in return like in-app currency, elite content, etc. Moreover, rewarded ads are considered an excellent in-app advertisement strategy for applications looking to increase their revenue from in-game advertisements alongside improving user experience.

Therefore, developers need to develop a rewarded ads that allow the user to earn bonuses after they have watched the whole ad. Thus, game developers can feature essential content such as new features, in-app products, or new items in the in-game store. But to maximize the level of users’ experience, you need to display your rewarded ads in those small pauses because it does not disturb users’ gaming experience and helps you get the users’ maximum attention.

It benefits everyone as the user receives in-app content, developers enjoy higher rates of ecpm and advertiser receives high click-through rates and increased viewability. Moreover, if you want to monetize your rewarded ads, you need to consider several top strategies to increase revenue from mobile game ads. So without further ado, let us focus on the top strategies you need to consider while monetizing your rewarded ads.

  • Mix Up Your Advertisement Units

If you want to increase the level of retention of the user, you need to keep mixing your ad units means that instead of repeating rewarded ads, you need to use other forms of advertisements like interstitial, playable, offerwall, interactive video ads, native display ads, and many more. Moreover, if you keep on displaying rewarded mobile game ads at every turn, you will have to lower the amount of reward, and hence, it will have a Negative Impact on the users’ experience. It will help in maintain the retention level of the user and keep them engaged with the gameplay.

  • Give Different Rewards

To make your rewarded ads more interesting, you should offer random rewards to your users, and the best way to do this is by not telling the user what prize they will receive. Moreover, you use a spinning wheel or mystery boxes to enable users to unlock random in-app content. It will keep the user entertained and engaged with the gameplay and create a buzz of suspense around the users. Developers benefit from rewarded ads.

It helps keep users engaged with the gameplay, and some users make an in-app purchase, hence increasing the revenue from mobile game ads. Thus, you need to use the latest ads tech to make your rewarding advertisement more attractive and appealing to grab the users’ attention.

  • Boost In-App Purchase

Rewarding your users with similar premium content that is available in the in-app store. Thus, users will be used to play with premium content, and eventually, they will end-up making in-app purchases for more premium content. It will increase the level of user gameplay and help them reach new levels with ease. Moreover, providing a taste of your premium content to the users enable them to determine whether your premium content worth buying or not.

Gradually, rewarding ads are able to convince users to make an in-app purchase and level up their gameplay. However, you should use an ad blocker to prevent fake game ads from interrupting the users’ gaming experience. It will help you increase the user’s retention level and make the user come back every day to receive new rewards. In the end, users will be convinced to purchase in-app content and hence, driving more revenue from mobile game advertisements.

  • Segment Your Users

Another great strategy to monetize your rewarded ads is to categories your users into two segments that are loyal users who play every day and players who open your app after some time. Thus, you need to feature more rewarded ads to loyal users as they are the ones who engage with your content effectively.

On the other side, users who less often open your app need something engaging that lures them to come back and play the game. It will be simple for a developer to display their advertisement at the right time because timing is everything. Perfect timing helps grab the users’ attention, and they don’t mind watching the video if you feature them in natural pauses. It will help you boost your in-app purchase and increase your turnover from the mobile game ads.

These are the top strategies that will help you monetize your rewarded ads and increase revenue.