Playable ads are interactive and intuitive to deliver rich content to the users and help developers monetize their app to increase their revenue. Moreover, advertisers have shifted their interest in acquiring high-quality users instead of prioritizing scale because it helps retain the users for a more extended period and keeps them engaged with the gameplay.

With interactive ad units such as playable ads, advertisers can deliver their content to potential users and attract them to try out their game. Nowadays, each advertiser and developer is equipped with the latest advertising technology to provide rich content through mobile media. Developers are incorporating playable ads more in their advertising strategies to improve their turnover while acquiring quality users.

Moreover, playable ads are among several app ad units that advertisers use to feature their mobile content. These small playable ad units will feature an interactive snippet of the gameplay, allowing users to try-before-you-buy experience. It helps them determine whether or not the game is worth installing. At the end of the advertisement, users will see an option of the call to action (for instance, install the app); if users click on the button, they will be redirected to the app store to install the app; otherwise, an advertiser can provide steps to follow.

Playable ads offer enormous opportunities to the users to engage with the advertisement. It is the main reason why all advertisers and developers consider this type of advertisement to monetize their app. So without further delay, let us look at the reasons why playable ads are considered best for monetizing your application. 

  • Offers Try Before You Buy Experience 

One of the best features of a playable ad is that it enables the users to play the demo version of the actual gameplay and lets users engage with the main niche before installing it. Thus, it works as a test before you buy ad units and most users are likely to install the app after a few moments of fun gameplay. Moreover, these users are more likely to run the application later and continue to engage with it more, hence driving higher lifetime value players.

Besides being interactive, mobile playable ads are usually enjoyable, and users have fun playing with them. Moreover, playable ads provide users with an intuitive experience and keep users engaged with the gameplay. It also helps users to think about whether it worth installing the app or not. Therefore, if you want to monetize your app, then using playable ads will help you. 

  • Decrease Uninstall Rates, Enhance Retention Rate

When users install a new app, there are higher chances (equivalent to 25 percent approx) that users will uninstall in the first hour, and it is raised to 64 percent in a month. However, it helps retain high Lifetime value at the beginning of the user lifecycle, but when you make use of playable ads for advertising your app, it effectively reduces the uninstall rate alongside improving the retention rate of the users.

Since users who had installed the app through playable ads learn about the app’s interface, it tremendously increases the retention rate of the users. Moreover, it also helps advertisers save a lot of money because it will keep out the users who are not interested in the app, reducing the money potentially spent on acquiring low, irrelevant Lifetime value users.

Though the cost incurs per install through playable ads is higher than a banner or typical video, but in the end, return on investment stays higher. Therefore, creating interactive playables will help you increase your app revenue and reduce your cost per click. 

  • More Access To In-Ad Data 

Complex playable ad developers can provide users with enough in-ad data that can give them a real insight into the kinds of users who are likely to engage with the ads. On the other side, some ad formats do not include information about the interface or gameplay. They don’t give a proper reason why users should like the advertisement or even care about installing the app.

Therefore, playable ads offer complete transparency about the app, giving the user enough information about the app. If users are interested in playable, they are more likely to install it and continue their engagement with the interface, and other users who do not like the app will find their way out from the playable ads. Hence, it helps in retaining genuine users who are likely to engage with your content. 

That’s why the ad industry is incorporating playable ads to features their content intuitively and interactively.