Since the introduction of ad blockers, the ad industry has to come up with an interactive and creative way to advertise the main features of their product. Thus, playable ads made their way in the ad industry, and now it has been used by every advertiser on the planet because it provides users with a product demo that helps them to decide whether the app worth installing or not.

Therefore, every advertiser needs to develop creative playable ads that engage the users with the advertisement and increase the revenue to cover the money spend. This ad format provides advertisers with an opportunity to showcase the main niche and features of their product and potential customers to have a try before you buy experience. Thus, it helps to weed out those users who are not interested in your gameplay, hence saving enough money to get every install. It also enables users to experience the discovery of the moment and whether they want to install the app or not, even before committing to download it.

Thus, it will result in increased retention rates and conversion rates compared to banners or video game ads because other ad formats do not deliver a similar experience, and users have to make a downloading decision. You must develop and design the right playables for your app. Without further ado, let us talk about top tips that you can use to enhance your playable ads’ performance. 

  • Make It Easy

You have only 30 seconds to feature your mobile playable ads and grab the attention of your potential users. Moreover, you don’t have enough time for the steep learning curve that means you have to simplify the version of the advertisement which features the best part of your app. It means you must provide your users with clear instructions with visual clues like moving hands.

It will help the user to learn how to engage with the advertisement. However, playable ads consist of three components, which are tutorial, gameplay, and the end card. You will have to explain user about the game and how to play it in the tutorial part and gameplay; the user will play the demo in which you must include pointers to help users properly engage with the ads. At last, there will be the end card that offers users to install the app. 

  • Do Not Try To Feature Your Entire App

Most advertisers make the same mistake of featuring their entire app in the playable ads, making it more complicated. But it would be best if you remembered that the playable ad is only 30 seconds long, and you only need to provide a taste or abstract version of your app while focusing on the main selling point of your app. It will help users learn more about your app and encourage them to install the app to engage further. It would be best for you to be clear, concise, and to the point while advertising your app. 

  • Feature Your Call To Action 

While developing and designing your playable ad units, you need to make sure that your call to action is visible to the users. Moreover, making your call to action attractive, clear and concise, will help you get the attention of the user, and eventually, they are more likely to click on the button, which will redirect them straight to the app store. 

  • Playable Ads Are For Both Game And App

Mobile gaming apps are indeed the center target for payable ads, but non-gaming applications can also benefit from them. The main purpose is to gamify the most significant selling point of your application in an interactive and fun way. It will help you grab the potential market and allow you to deliver your content to the prospects. 

  • Allow Users To Win

Everyone likes to win, so you need to set the difficulty level of the playable ads to a low-medium level that challenges the users but, in the end allowing them to succeed. It will encourage the user to try one more time, and hence, it will increase engagement level. Therefore, it is necessary for you to maintain the advertisement’s difficulty level to improve the users’ interest level. However, if you have any doubts, you can run several trials and test the various difficulty levels, and check results. 

These tips will help you increase your playable ads’ performance while increasing the engagement level of the users.